The number of fires in the Amazon rainforest rose 17% year on year in August

Brazilian President Giorgio bosonaro on Tuesday angrily denied that there was a fire in the Amazon rainforest, saying it was a “lie”, despite data from his own government that tens of thousands of fires were being created in the area. < / P > < p > the Brazilian Amazon region’s fires in August reached a nine-year high in 2019, and this month looks worse so far. According to the Brazilian National Institute of space research, more than 10000 fires have occurred in the region in the first 10 days of August, an increase of 17% over the same period last year. However, in a speech to other South American leaders on Tuesday, bosonaro called on foreign representatives to fly over the Amazon, saying that “there will be no light of fire” from the distant Boavista to Manaus. < / P > < p > “they can’t find any fire, they can’t find a quarter of a hectare of deforestation,” bosonaro said at a meeting of Leticia’s member states. The agreement is an agreement between Amazon countries to protect rainforests. In the 12 months to July, deforestation increased by 34.5% over the same period last year, according to the data. Deforestation did decline in July, the first decline in 15 months. How much fart is normal? How much harm does suffocating fart do to human body? How dare you hold your breath after watching it

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