The new version of LETV system can’t install software? Teach you the latest installation tutorial, no need to crack

For many smart TV users, it is very important to install third-party software for smart TV at home. However, many smart TV users are forbidden to install third-party software after many upgrades, which makes many users very headache.

but LETV can’t install third-party software except its own app store. Today I’d like to teach you a way to correctly install a dangbei market for LETV TV or LETV box at home, so as to increase the richness of equipment.

3. After the U disk is inserted into the device, the system will automatically jump out of the external device, or find the location of the U disk in the file management. Find the next good APK to install. After that, you can use dangbei app store on LETV devices, and users can enrich their device applications. In Germany, 1147 new crown cases were added in a single day, breaking 1000 for the second consecutive day in three months

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