The new consultant introduced by trump once advocated group immunity and was accused of “anti fudge”

Mr. Guo called on Mr. trump to try his best to cover up the serious situation in China. Since he can’t count on the anti epidemic experts such as fudge and boxx, trump simply finds himself a medical expert who is “anti fudge” and advocates “children will not be infected with the new crown” to speak for himself. At the White House epidemic briefing held on December 12, local time, trump announced eight suggestions on school resumption, and invited Scott atlas, a medical professor from Stanford University, on the stage for the first time, praising him as a “very talented” policy expert on the resumption of classes. < / P > < p > “I highly respect him, he is an expert If only you could repeat what you had told me to the reporters here. ” Trump said. Atlas modestly said that he “just joined” and stressed that “safe resumption of school” was the focus of the government’s work. He also said he had a “perfect discussion” with teachers, parents’ representatives and medical experts on Trump’s proposal today. According to CNN, compared with other White House medical experts, atlas has repeatedly expressed his views on social isolation, return to work and classes in Fox News, and his position is obviously closer to trump. However, his remarks, contrary to the mainstream scientific opinions of fouch and others, have aroused wide controversy. The core point of atlas is that the blockade measures are not appropriate. The best way to fight the epidemic is to isolate high-risk groups, and then let the virus “flow” in the whole society to achieve “mass immunization”. He wrote in April against mass segregation, saying it impeded “mass immunization.”. In addition, Atlas insisted that the new coronavirus “has no effect on children”. When the number of confirmed cases in the United States surged in June, he said “there is no need to panic” and “the increase in confirmed cases among young people is a good thing”. He also described the research on the new crown published by the top medical journal the lancet as “rubbish”, comparing the epidemic with influenza: “if it is necessary to protect children during the outbreak, schools will have to be closed whenever the flu season comes.” < / P > < p > according to public information, Atlas received a doctor’s degree in medicine from the University of Chicago. He was the director of the Department of neuroradiology at Stanford University and is currently a senior researcher at the Hoover Institute at Stanford. He mainly studies health care policy, served as an adviser to the Republican camp during the election, and provided advice to the U.S. Congress and enterprises. It has been noted by some media that atlas has been attending the White House briefing since Monday, when he sat on the side of finance minister mnuchin and did not speak. Trump also told reporters on the spot, “do you all know him?” “He has a lot of great ideas and he thinks we’ve dealt with it very well.” A White House spokesman confirmed to the media on Monday that atlas was acting as a “presidential adviser” to help the White House deal with the new coronavirus. But the spokesman did not specify his specific position or whether he was paid. On the 11th, Atlas revealed on fox that it was trump who called himself and invited him to be a consultant. He did not forget to defend Trump’s claim that he would continue to hold the College Football League: “anyway, it is not a group of 78 year old people with obesity and diabetes who are playing football.” According to several people familiar with the situation, Atlas began to advise trump in an informal capacity a few weeks ago. And that’s thanks to trump’s attention to what he said on fox. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is not the only thing that is known in the United States: the total number of confirmed cases in the United States is “no matter”. “Children are hardly infected with new crown pneumonia”. On July 16, when defending Trump’s call for the resumption of classes, White House spokesman mckenny directly quoted atlas as saying, “of course, classes can be resumed Science is on our side. “. On July 21, trump restarted the months long white house epidemic briefing, which he has presided over alone. Trump has told aides that experts who disagree will no longer be invited to attend. Fudge, director of the National Institute of infectious diseases and a top anti epidemic expert who appeared frequently a few months ago, has not been invited once in the past three weeks. < p > < p > in early August, Fudge publicly opposed the resumption of classes in the severely affected areas and criticized the lax implementation of the US city closure policy, which led to a sharp increase in the number of new crown cases. As a result, trump fired: “you are wrong! More confirmed cases in the United States are due to more tests! ” In addition to standing behind trump during the first briefing on July 21, Bob, coordinator of the White House anti epidemic working group, has hardly appeared. On August 3, she was “named” by trump because she publicly admitted that the new coronavirus was “widely spread” in the United States and opposed the resumption of classes in severely affected areas. In fact, because atlas’s stance on multiple epidemic policies is contrary to that of fudge, right-wing radio host Rush Limbaugh, who supports trump, praised him this week, saying that atlas “is fighting against fudge.”. Media: according to the data of the last two weeks, one person died of the new crown every 15 seconds

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