The most mysterious airport! The 150000 km runway has been ready for the j-20, and US Zhihu has opened up a new horizon

Since ancient times, people all over the world have a common dream, that is, “flying sky”. In order to explore space, Zhang Heng invented the seismograph, Galileo invented the astronomical telescope. However, it was the Wright brothers who really made this dream come true. In 1903, the Wright brothers developed “Aviator 1”, which was equipped with a flight control system for the first time. It is a real modern aircraft. The birth of aircraft has a great impact on human production and life.

in the civil field, airplanes have subverted the traditional mode of transportation and provided a more comfortable and fast way of life for human beings. In the military field, aircraft has created a new mode of operation air combat, which makes the air supremacy get people’s attention. Compared with the development of civil aircraft, military aircraft upgrade faster. Since the birth of the first generation fighter, it has gone through five generations of development. Now, only five generations can dominate the sky.

of all the five generation aircraft, the F-22 of the United States has the most superior performance. China also has its own fifth generation aircraft, namely the j-20. The main reason why the j-20 is inferior to the F-22 is that there are defects in the engine. The United States started its research on air launch earlier and has a strong industrial foundation. However, the development of China’s aviation development started at the end of last century, so the technology is not good. But at present, China’s new generation of aero-engine turbofan-20 is about to be successfully developed. Once put into use, the performance of j-20 will be greatly improved, and the advantages of F-22 will disappear.

but no matter how advanced the technology is, airplanes always have one drawback, that is, they must rely on the runway to take off. The construction of runway not only takes up a large area, but also costs a lot. As a result, our country thought that the original design could be transformed into a “highway runway” with dual functions of ordinary highway and runway.

in fact, Germany has designed such roads as early as the 1930s. So in World War II, German military aircraft could move quickly. When constructing such a highway runway, many factors need to be considered, for example, there should be no covering near the road, otherwise the pilot’s sight will be blocked; the thickness of the road must meet certain standards, etc.

at present, China has built a number of such road runways, which are located in Liaoning, Shandong, Fujian, Henan and other places, with a total mileage of more than 150000 km. The quality of these road runways can definitely stand the test. Even the heavy fighter j-20 can be relaxed.

the United States has been monitoring China’s runways before, and has never found these “runways on the road”. Therefore, the United States believes that this should be the most mysterious runway in the world. It is really eye opening to be able to take off and land aircraft on the road.

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