The most frightening thing about the nervous and exciting “biochemical crisis” is not the zombie, but the human heart

In 2002, the most popular movie is to share the power of life and death with the companies in the world. What many people don’t know is that the main profits of the umbrella come from munitions, genetic experiments and biological weapons.

the story of “biochemical crisis” takes place in the honeycomb, a biological engineering laboratory in Raccoon City, where a mysterious man steals the experimental results “t virus” and serum. When escaping, he does not forget to break the container full of the virus. The virus spreads through the air, and the laboratory security network program “red back” detects the leakage of “t virus”, An emergency plan was activated, the entire hive was closed, and laboratory staff were killed. Under the influence of “t virus”, these corpses become extremely lethal zombies.

the heroine Alice is the guard of the hive and is responsible for guarding the secret entrance of the laboratory, but she temporarily lost her memory because she was injected with a hypnotic by the “Red Queen”. At this time, a special team under the command of the “Red Queen” came here to form a team with Alice, Matt, who claimed to be the police, and Spence, a staff member of the beehive, to enter the laboratory for investigation.

the party was attacked by the security system and the zombies because of the conflict between the mission target and the “Red Queen”. During the investigation, Alice found that Spence was actually her husband, and that he was the thief who stole the “t virus” because of his greed for money. Finally, they fought all the way. Only Alice and Matt got out of the encirclement. As soon as they got out of the lab, they were kidnapped by the umbrella company and became a new experimental product.

zombies are no more terrifying than the darkness of human nature. The umbrella company started the end of the world for power and Alice’s husband for money.

as the opening work of the series of films, “biochemical crisis” is a successful, compact plot, natural and unrestrained action scene, and frightening zombies. In order to survive and fight tirelessly, it has deeply grasped the hearts of every audience. The laser cut segments of special team members are especially classic.

the film successfully portrays Alice, an indomitable and constantly fighting doomsday girl. This role makes Mila Jovovich the spokesperson of the “biochemical crisis” series and a symbol of horror movies.

with a cost of 33 million US dollars, “biochemical crisis” won more than 100 million US dollars at the box office. The “biochemical crisis” series, which started with this, has embarked on a road of commercial type films of “fighting big with small”.

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