The latest response to rumors of a merger between China CITIC construction investment and CITIC Securities

China Securities Construction Investment announced in the evening of August 6 that the company had noticed market rumors involving changes in the position of the company’s principal person in charge and the merger of the company with other securities companies. The company clarified that the above rumors are false rumors.

according to the announcement, in view of the fact that false rumors may mislead investors and affect the normal market order, the company strongly condemns the makers of false rumors and reserves the right to investigate their legal liabilities.

on the same day, there were market rumors that Wang Changqing, chairman of CSCI, would be transferred to the deputy general manager of CITIC Group. At the same time, there are rumors that the merger will be released that day.

affected by the news, the stock price of China Securities construction investment limited for a time, and finally closed up 9.24%. CITIC’s shares also surged more than 7%. According to the data, in the last 30 minutes of the last trading, the turnover of CSCI was 2.998 billion yuan, accounting for 66.7% of the total turnover of the whole day; the transaction of CITIC Securities in the last 30 minutes was RMB 6.896 billion, accounting for 59.8% of the total turnover of the whole day.

in fact, the news of the merger of the two securities companies has been rumored and refuted many times. According to media statistics, since April of the beginning of the year, there have been four “marriage” mergers between CSCI and CITIC Securities.

on April 14, the merger news was fermented in the market, which quickly ignited the financial circle. On that day, the A shares of CSCI rose 8.88%, and CITIC Securities rose more than 6% in the intraday.

on April 23, China Securities construction investment submitted an application for administrative permission of “examination and approval of changing shareholders holding more than 5% equity” to China Securities Regulatory Commission. As it did not disclose relevant shareholders, rumors of merger with CITIC Securities arose. It was later confirmed that the change of equity was due to the change of 35.11% equity held by Beijing state-owned capital operation and management center to be held by Beijing Financial Holding Group.

on July 2, according to market news, CITIC Securities and CSCI have agreed to a merger plan, aiming to build an investment banking giant with a scale of 82 billion US dollars. Late that night, both companies clarified and responded to the rumors.

and the latest wind was on the evening of July 28. On the same day that CITIC Securities issued amendments to improve the articles of association, CSCI also issued the newly revised articles of association. The contents of the amendments are highly consistent between the two sides, which once again aroused the attention of the market.

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