The harder it is, the smarter the kids will be? Parenting expert: the reason is scientific

With the growth of Lele, I found that he was more and more disobedient, which was a headache. Some time ago, when I went to my cousin’s house, I complained about this problem by the way, saying that Lele was very clever before she was three years old. How come she went to kindergarten now, but her personality became more and more maddening.

my cousin shook her head after hearing this, saying that this just shows that Lele has become smarter. In fact, the harder it is to bring children, the smarter they are. I was a little skeptical after listening to them. They all said that children are good children when they are obedient. How can they be praised instead of being difficult to bring? But my cousin, who has worked in the field of child care for more than ten years, will not talk casually. I asked her why.

my cousin explained that we can infer backward. The reason is very scientific. Mothers who have the same experience don’t have to panic, let alone dislike their children’s disobedience, because in a different perspective, it’s actually a good thing.

my cousin said that many parents said that their children would not listen to the “parents’ voice”, but in fact, the parents’ words were not all right. They were all mixed with the idea of “egoism”. This idea must be contrary to the children’s choice, which led to the contradiction between the two generations. But no one can say that children are wrong, parents must be right.

in this way, do children who can refute their parents’ ideas have something to recommend? Anyway, in the eyes of my cousin, she thinks that children who are too sensible and obedient are not good, because they lack self-consciousness and don’t know how to resist. Children are mischievous in nature. Only authoritarian parents can raise a “responder”, and only children with rebellious spirit will be “difficult to take”.

therefore, my cousin suggested that I listen to Lele’s ideas. He is no longer a three-year-old baby, but he has begun to contact with the outside world. In the process of contact, his words and deeds will change. As a parent, he should explore the reasons instead of blaming him.

smart children are mostly divided into two types: quiet ones like reading books, and those who are noisy and fussy. Cousin said: “Lele belongs to the second kind, lively personality, love tossing smart children.”

I don’t know if you have found that in the adult world, most of the successful people are restless. They like to toss around and look for opportunities. Although they may fail, their success rate is also very high. The same is true for children, because they are very interested in the outside world, so they like to toss around and study the world thoroughly.

However, after a day’s work, parents only want a good and obedient child. As a result, the energetic “hyperactive children” have become the object of disgust. They don’t know that children’s nature is like this. On the contrary, they are too quiet and clever to need more attention. Of course, children who love learning and reading are introverted, not obedient to their parents. There are essential differences between the two. Parents must not misunderstand them.

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