The explosion in Beirut port area triggered a political hurricane and the resignation of the cabinet of Lebanon

[Global Times reporter Huang Peizhao] the explosion in Beirut port area triggered a political hurricane. The Minister of health of Lebanon said that the cabinet decided to resign collectively on the 10th! According to Russian satellite news agency, Lebanon’s “daytime news” and other media reports, as of the 10th, more than 10 senior officials and members of parliament have announced their resignation, which has not calmed the public’s anger. They have protested in the street for several days, accusing the government of corruption and demanding that the person responsible for the accident be brought to justice. The cabinet of Lebanon, in the midst of the political storm, held a meeting on Monday afternoon. According to the Russian satellite news agency, Lebanon’s health minister announced after the meeting that the cabinet had resigned. “Daytime news”, Agence France Presse and other media reported on the 10th that the Minister of Finance and the Minister of justice of Lebanon resigned the same day. A day earlier, the country’s minister of information and environment announced their resignation. In addition, at least nine members of Parliament, two senior Beirut officials and the ambassador of Lebanon to Jordan announced their resignations in protest. It is reported that Prime Minister diab secretly encouraged more ministers to resign. If the number of resignations reaches 8, the government composed of 20 ministers can be dissolved according to the constitution of Lebanon. “Arabia” TV station said that diab did so to get rid of the predicament as soon as possible, so as not to fall into a more difficult passive situation. It is not enough for ministers to resign According to Agence France Presse reported, Lebanon protester Michelle said so. All parties in Lebanon generally call for an end to the political system dominated by sectarian interests and family dynasties. At least 158 people were killed, 6000 were injured, about 20 were missing and 300000 were displaced in the explosion, the Ministry of health of Lebanon reported on the 9th. After the explosion, search and rescue teams from several countries have successively arrived in Lebanon to carry out search and rescue in different areas at the scene of the explosion, the military said on the 9th. However, after several days of search and rescue operations, the hope of finding survivors is increasingly slim. According to Qatari al Jazeera television reported on the 10th that the people of Lebanon continued to hold protests on the same day and clashed with the police, and some plainclothes police opened fire on the procession. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has been a problem for the Lebanese population before the

explosion. The United Nations says Lebanon will need about $117 million over the next three months for health services, emergency shelter construction and food distribution. According to the national news agency of Lebanon and other media reports, the United Nations Deputy Secretary General Amina Muhammad called on the international community to fully help Lebanon on the 9th. Representatives of more than 30 countries and international organizations issued a joint statement on the 9th, promising to donate about $300 million to Lebanon, and these contributions will be “directly” delivered to the affected people. The United Nations World Food Program decided on the 10th to provide food aid to the people affected by the disaster in Lebanon. U.S. President trump has promised “substantial” assistance to Lebanon. Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman said on the same day that if the United States sincerely provides assistance to Lebanon, it should lift its embargo and sanctions. What’s the truth behind the loss making underwear store’s use of altruistic thinking to build a community and make more than 200000 yuan a month

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