The “embarrassing defeat” of the Security Council angered the United States, and trump repeatedly made harsh remarks

[Liu Yupeng and Wei Hui, special correspondent of the global times in Iran] despite a “embarrassing diplomatic fiasco” in the UN Security Council, the United States has no intention of stopping and continues its “tough show” on the Iranian issue. U.S. President trump said on the 15th that he would launch a “rapid recovery of sanctions” mechanism against Iran. He also threw cold water on the five permanent meeting on Iran proposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, saying that he “may not participate”. The day before, the draft resolution on indefinite extension of the arms embargo against Iran submitted by the United States received only one vote of support in the Security Council except for the United States itself. All European allies abstained. Iran, suffering from the oppression of the United States, said with a laugh: “in the 75 year history of the United Nations, the United States has never been so isolated.” Why should the US government push for a humiliating vote in the Security Council when it unilaterally withdraws from the Iran nuclear agreement and knows that it is unjust and helpless? Now that it has withdrawn from the Iran nuclear agreement, is it still qualified to launch the “rapid recovery of sanctions” mechanism? In the opinion of public opinion, the next action of the US side may be more controversial and confrontational. < / P > < p > “we’re going to launch the ‘quick recovery of sanctions’ mechanism, and you’ll see it next week.” On the 15th local time, trump called out at a press conference on sanctions against Iran. AFP said on the 16th that trump threatened to use a controversial means to unilaterally restore UN sanctions against Tehran, which is bound to have a huge impact on Iran’s nuclear agreement. European allies have been skeptical about whether Washington can launch the “rapid recovery of sanctions” mechanism. Experts say that “rapid recovery of sanctions” may lead to one of the most serious diplomatic crises in the history of the Security Council. In 2015, Iran reached a comprehensive agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue with the US, Britain and Russia. The UN Security Council then adopted a resolution requiring member states to fully implement the Iran nuclear agreement and decided to maintain the UN arms embargo against Iran until October 18, 2020. The resolution contains a “quick recovery of sanctions” clause. If Iran is deemed to have violated the agreement, it will automatically resume the sanctions imposed by the United Nations on Iran before the conclusion of the Iran nuclear agreement. According to the “German voice”, according to this mechanism, the signing countries of the Iran nuclear agreement can condemn Iran for breach of the agreement, and thus have the right to resume the implementation of international sanctions measures before the signing of the nuclear agreement, while other member states cannot use the veto power to stop it. However, given that the trump administration has withdrawn from the agreement in 2018, there is controversy over whether the country still has the right to invoke this mechanism. In addition to trying to force sanctions back on, trump is also cold on Putin’s proposed emergency summit on Iran. He told a press conference that he “may not” attend the summit proposed by Putin, but wait until after the US election. Putin called on the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany to hold a video conference on Iran on the 14th to avoid the escalation of tension in the Gulf region, AFP said. “This is an urgent issue,” Putin said in a statement issued by the Kremlin that “the discussion on Iran in the UN Security Council is becoming more and more intense.”. Russia’s deputy foreign minister riyabkov said that after US President Trump’s statement, Moscow’s proposal to hold a summit of permanent members of the UN Security Council with Germany and Iran is still valid. The situation calls for a meeting without delay. Moscow hopes that Washington will consider the benefits of this move again. The day before Trump’s call, the draft resolution on indefinite extension of the arms embargo against Iran submitted by the United States suffered a disastrous defeat in the Security Council: among the 15 members of the Security Council, 2 votes were in favour of it, 2 votes against it, and 11 abstained. Among them, the United States and Dominica voted for it, Russia and China voted against it, and other 11 members of the Security Council, including Britain, France and Germany, abstained. According to the rules of procedure of the Council, the adoption of a resolution requires at least nine votes in favour and no one of the permanent members can vote against it. According to the New York Times, the United States has suffered an embarrassing diplomatic fiasco, and even its most powerful ally has refused to yield to the pressure from the trump administration to take a tougher stance. America’s growing global isolation on Iran was exposed in this failure. The United States suffered humiliating failure at the United Nations and its proposal to extend the arms embargo on Iran won the support of the Dominican Republic only in the Security Council vote, the guardian said on the 15th. The United States removed some anti Iran remarks from the earlier draft resolution in the hope of gaining more supporters. Estonia and Tunisia resisted pressure from the United States at the last minute, indicating that the United States’ influence in the United Nations has weakened. Some American politicians are furious at the result. Secretary of state pompeio called the vote “unforgivable.”. On the 15th, pompeio, who was visiting Poland, also named France and Britain and said: “unfortunately, France and Britain Not supporting the demands of Gulf States and Israel I deeply regret that. ” The six Gulf Arab States Cooperation Council held a meeting a few days ago to approve and support the proposal of the United States. Us “Capitol Hill” said on the 15th that Republican Senator Graham accused the Security Council of vetoing the US request to extend the arms embargo on Iran as a “major mistake” and said that “the possibility of major conflict between the United States and Iran has greatly increased”. Iran applauded the Security Council’s vote. Iranian President ruhani said on the 15th that the U.S. attempt to destroy the Iran nuclear agreement has failed in disgrace, “in my opinion, this day will be recorded in the history of Iran and the fight against global arrogance.”. Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Mousavi tweeted in English and Persian on his twitter account. “In the 75 year history of the United Nations, the United States has never been so isolated,” he said Mousavi ridiculed the United States, despite its pressure, only to persuade a small country. In another tweet, Mousavi said: “once again, the international community has made a clear voice in rejecting the US’s crude and futile attempt to undermine the credibility of the UN Security Council. The U.S. regime should listen to this failure and stop humiliating the United Nations, or the United States will be more isolated than it is now. ” < / P > < p > since the unilateral withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement in 2018, the trump government has successively resumed sanctions against Iran, which is known as the most severe sanctions in history, especially in the financial and petrochemical fields, which has had a great impact on the Iranian economy. Under the severe sanctions of the United States, Iran’s oil exports fell sharply, resulting in a sharp drop in government revenue. Economic sanctions have led to the sharp plunge of the Iranian currency Riyal for many times. From the beginning of 2020 to now, it has dropped from 130000 rials to 230000 rials. The collapse of the exchange rate led to the soaring prices of imported goods, which had a great impact on the life of the middle class. Although the impact is great, the United States has exhausted almost all means. In an interview with the media, Iran’s supreme leader Khamenei’s senior adviser in defense, military industry and armed forces said, “the United States has no more tricks to deal with us.”. < / P > < p > why should the United States take more controversial actions in the United Nations when its sanctions have been so severe? According to the New York Times, the vote is related to the duration of the arms embargo, but the core of the dispute between the United States and its opponents in the Security Council is the Iran nuclear agreement. When trump took office, he vowed to repeal the agreement. The trump administration believes that broader action is needed to achieve the ultimate goal of strangling the nuclear deal once and for all. Trump ordered the United States to withdraw from the Iran nuclear agreement in 2018, but US diplomats argued that the United States is still a party to the agreement technically, so it has the right to initiate a “rapid resumption of sanctions”, the guardian said on the 15th. Most countries in the world, including some of Washington’s closest allies, disagree. But the trump administration has shown that it is ready to go it alone. Richard Cohen of the international crisis research organization said that if the United States continues to implement its “rapid recovery of sanctions” program, there may be a situation in which all parties can not reach agreement on the status of UN arms sanctions, and the United States declares the sanctions effective, while most other countries insist that they are invalid. Susanna DiMaggio, a senior fellow at the Carnegie Peace Foundation, said the U.S. focus is not on building alliances on this issue, but on provoking confrontation at the United Nations to please Trump’s core supporters. She said the United States is also trying to stimulate Iran to respond, such as withdrawing from the agreement and expelling inspectors. “This is a scorched earth strategy that undermines the comprehensive agreement They are not concerned about restrictions on Iran’s nuclear program, the real purpose of which is to stifle the agreement. “. The chief secretary and five chief secretaries resigned to take responsibility for the poor administration

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