The director general of the British Chamber of Commerce and industry said that the British side has benefited greatly from the cooperation between China and the UK. Ambassador to the UK, Liu Xiaoming, responded

On July 30, 2020, Ambassador Liu Xiaoming held an online Chinese foreign press conference on current Sino British relations. BBC, Sky News, ITV, the financial times, the daily telegraph, the times, the times, radio, the guardian, Reuters, Xinhua, people’s daily, CCTV, China International Television, China News Agency, China Daily, science and technology daily, global times, observer network, and associated press More than 30 journalists from 27 Chinese and foreign media, including Bloomberg, NBC, Russia TV today, quartz magazine, Phoenix TV news, European times, Scotland people, Manchester evening news, attended. Sir Clifton brown, vice chairman of the bipartisan China group of the British Parliament, Logan, vice chairman of the inter party China group of Parliament, Lord Davidson, honorary chairman of the British China Trade Association, Lord parrombo, chairman of the walbrook club, Perry, chairman of the Music Department of 48 groups, chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce of China, and China defense of the London Institute for international strategy British guests from the political, business and academic circles attended the meeting, including policy expert Wen Meiya, Asia Pacific and China expert of the Royal Joint Institute for defense and security, Wen Liyu. The ambassadors of South Korea and Laos to the UK, diplomats from EU, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Argentina, Myanmar, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and other countries to the UK, and Su Wanling, director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in London, attended the meeting online. The press conference was broadcast live through Ambassador Liu’s social media account. Cgtn, Reuters and Associated Press reported the press conference live. BBC, Sky News and other media carried out extensive reports on their TV stations and websites.

CCTV reporter: Good morning, Ambassador! My question is that the director general of the British Chamber of Commerce and industry recently wrote in the financial times that the British side has benefited greatly from the cooperation between China and the UK, and that the UK can not afford the cost of unilaterally reducing exchanges with China. But as you said just now, some British politicians hold the opposite view. What do you think of that?

Ambassador Liu: I said in my opening remarks that China UK relations are mutually beneficial and win-win partnership. I very much agree with the director general of the Federation of British Chambers of Commerce and industry. Some people say that China benefits more from bilateral relations, which I think is against the facts.

I can use a series of figures to illustrate: from 1999 to 2020, British exports to China increased by about 20 times; since I became the Chinese ambassador to the UK, the volume of bilateral trade between China and the UK has doubled; in the past decade, China’s investment in the UK has increased by about 20 times. These two “20 times” are very illustrative.

China UK economic and trade relations have created a large number of jobs for the UK. In addition, Chinese tourists travel to the UK every year, bringing 11000 jobs to the UK. Britain is also the European country that receives the most Chinese students. These students have benefited a lot from studying in the UK, and they have also contributed to the development of the UK. The Cambridge University research shows that the various expenditures of Chinese students studying in the UK will create 17000 jobs in the UK in 2018 alone, not to mention the great contribution Huawei has made to the development of British Telecom industry. Chinese companies are also involved in the UK nuclear power project jointly built by China, Britain and France. I think this project is in the interests of the UK and can help the UK achieve the goal of “zero emissions” by 2050. But in the eyes of cold war fighters, the project is the next target. I hope these British politicians can look at Sino British Relations objectively and realize that it is a win-win relationship.

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