The computer is stuck after a long time? What is the reason

Since I released the video of saving computer jam, many fans found me on the Internet to help them repair their old computers. In fact, from the point of view of faults, all of them have become stuck after a long time. Of course, many fans’ computers are newly bought, but it is the same with taking them home.

in fact, many people have a misconception: whether computers have to be replaced every few years or will be eliminated. Let’s talk about it briefly today.

let’s first look at the main hardware components of the computer, such as CPU, memory, motherboard, video card, hard disk, etc. in fact, the main components are these accessories. Although each manufacturer will launch various new products every year, it is not difficult to find that these manufacturers are really “toothpaste factories” after careful study.

the reason is that the main technology of graphics card and CPU is only in the hands of a few people. The main CPU manufacturers are Intel and AMD, while the graphics card is mainly NVIDIA and AMD. Of course, some other manufacturers have the ability to produce and design, but because of the performance and other reasons, the market share is too small, so the right to speak has the final say of several manufacturers.

actually, Intel and AMD were first companies at the very beginning. But if the PC end CPU of the world has the final say of a company, then it is not that he is a big company and has little competition and restriction. So it is clear that it is wise to split a AMD in Intel. It is also wise to know that this is the reason why the toothpaste factory is slowly coming from the pressure from AMD. We are in a hurry.

every time a new CPU is introduced, its performance is improved, but actually it is not a multiple increase, but a fraction of the improvement, so as to continuously harvest those friends who like to follow the trend, and then launch new products after a period of price reduction.

in fact, many people usually go to work and surf the Internet. They don’t play games, they don’t make videos, they don’t draw pictures. For them, there’s no difference between high configuration computers and low configuration computers. So there are a lot of people’s computers with excessive performance, so why are computers stuck?

in fact, high hardware configuration will improve the computing speed of the computer, but it does not mean that your computer configuration will not be stuck. During the maintenance process, I also encountered many fans whose computer configuration is very high, but still stuck.

the main frequency of the CPU is too low. Some people bought a computer with a low configuration when they first bought a computer. The dual core and then the main frequency is about 1g. If you don’t run large-scale software, you can usually browse the web or something, but if you have a high demand for computing, it will definitely get stuck.

too small memory is also one of the problems. Some friends’ computer memory is only 1g or 2G, which is totally impossible at present, especially when the processing task is opened too much.

graphics card, in fact, the graphics card is basically in the drawing or editing video, playing games will reflect its role, if you are usually Office Internet, graphics card is not so important.

hard disk, this is very important. After testing many friends’ hard disks, I found that they are bad. In fact, this will seriously affect the running speed of the computer. It is recommended that you replace the solid-state disk, but the speed of the solid-state disk will slow down with the increase of time and reading and writing capacity. You should check it more often.

system problems. In fact, many people do the system by looking for other people’s packaged systems on the Internet. These systems often carry some tripartite software and boot items, which will seriously slow down the operation of your computer. There are a lot of plug-ins that you can’t use, but if you don’t simplify them, it will seriously drag down your computer.

when you use your computer, you should pay attention not to install the additional software when you install the software. If you do, you must uninstall it clean.

usually, the computer should pay attention to heat dissipation and ash cleaning. Don’t put too many things in the C disk, which will affect the speed. Welcome to pay attention to me. I will give you a video to teach you how to solve the problem of laptop jam. India’s Ministry of health has announced that the number of new cases has exceeded 2 million

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