The computer is playing, what’s the matter with the blue screen suddenly? The customer is angry to smash the computer and can’t blame others

Computer blue screen, computer black screen, computer crash, loading program no response, computer stuck and so on are our common computer fault phenomenon, some of these fault phenomena are caused by hardware, some are caused by software problems, no matter what kind of problem caused by the fault, will affect our normal use, today’s editor met a customer, the computer always blue Screen, is playing on the blue screen, and then shut down and restart to return to normal, re-use of the system in the process of blue screen, this is what is going on?

the customer described that his computer always had a blue screen when he was using it recently, especially when he was playing games. He was so angry that he almost smashed the computer. At first, he thought that the computer system was broken, so he rebuilt the system. However, this situation still happens when the computer is reinstalled. Later, he heard that it was the memory module problem Bought a memory module again, the problem has not been solved, and now I have no other way, so I took the computer to Xiaobian for consultation and maintenance.

when it comes to computer blue screen, in fact, the computer blue screen is a kind of picture that appears in the computer protection system. English is usually displayed on the screen to explain why the computer has a blue screen fault. At this time, we can apply the remedy to the case! Xiaobian started the customer’s computer, and then used it for a while. The computer’s blue screen turned blue. At this time, we can see the picture. The blue screen code of the computer is 0x0000007b. This is the fault of the blue screen of the hard disk, which represents the problem of the hard disk. The common reasons are as follows:

reason 3: the hard disk is aging or damaged. When the hard disk itself has problems, the system can not Normal operation, resulting in a blue screen phenomenon.

for the hard disk fault, we first detect it through the PE system software. First, we check the customer’s computer hard disk. You can look at the picture. Unexpectedly, the computer fault is detected. This is a problem with the hard disk of the computer, which is bad, but also very serious. At this time, the solution is to directly replace the hard disk, and once the hard disk is damaged Once we find that the hard disk has bad data, it is very difficult for us to find out the bad data.

so Xiaobian took out the hard disk of the customer’s problem. It was really a small brand of hard disk. When I inquired with the customer, I found out that it was on the Internet. I bought it at a low price. I can buy it for 70 yuan. The 120g interface of the production inspection on the market is SATA solid-state hard disk. Normally, it is about 130 yuan. The hard disk purchased by the customer is obviously of inferior quality. You can get the product with every cent Hard disk will inevitably have problems, can not blame others!

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