The British school bully who came back from China cried to his friends not to believe the Chinese “won’t”

For many foreigners, China has a very rich culture and history, just like a British learning bully who came to China to study. During his one-year study career in China, the British academic bully was particularly touched. After returning to the UK after studying in China, he still cried and told his friends not to believe that the Chinese “won’t”. What’s the matter? Let’s have a look!

the British Xueba said that when he first came to China to study, he found that Chinese people like to say “no” to everything in class or in normal life. At first, she really thought that Chinese people would not be real.

but later she found that she was too naive. Whether it was knowledge reserves or skills, Chinese people had high standards for their own evaluation, just like their mathematical ability. However, the Chinese thought that they were still ordinary, which made the British academic bully very sad.

after all, in Britain, you can say yes with pride if you know a little bit. However, if you can’t reach the highest level in China, Chinese people will feel that they can’t meet their own standards. This leads to the fact that the British academic bully thinks that they are very harmful.

but it is far from the Chinese people. No wonder Chinese people are always so modest. In fact, many people are not modest, but they feel that they have not reached the best level, so they can not think that they are excellent, so they always claim that they will not.

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