The authenticity of the live broadcast circle is too low. The anchor is not only beautiful, but also a real face changing technique

Now this era can be said to be a well deserved network era. Our clothing, food, housing and transportation are closely related to the Internet. We can pay by mobile phone when we go out, without taking our wallet. If you want to buy a plane ticket or a train ticket, you can do it directly on your mobile phone. Of course, we do more entertainment on mobile phones. This era also gave birth to the development of this career. Many Internet Celebrities rely on live network, which is no worse than the colorful stars in the entertainment circle. Their main way should be live network. Or some online activities. We can see the news of Internet celebrities on various public platforms every day, and sometimes we think that these Internet celebrities are even more troubling than stars.

but anyway, if you want to be popular, a beautiful face is the most indispensable. But not everyone can be born beautiful. Some people have the idea of cosmetic surgery. But cosmetic surgery is not safe enough. And across a computer, you can use some other methods to decorate yourself.

some people can use magic make-up, and some even just paint themselves a face. After wearing this kind of holster, you can’t see it at all. Maybe you can see it on the spot, but it is separated by a net cable. And there are thick filters. Just pinch the bridge of your nose and make a sharp chin. Do not have to go to plastic surgery, you can from a graceful aunt to a serious beautiful girl. It’s a magic art comparable to Transfiguration.

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