The admission test of Kinki University in Japan

It refers to the system of taking part in the eju Japan study abroad test without going to Japan, but only needs to submit the examination results and conduct online interview to collect students

the big picture model Kinki University is a comprehensive university with 14 academic departments and 11 research subjects. In addition to the normal entrance examination for international students, in line with the principle of providing more learning opportunities for overseas students, the university has set up a pre holiday admission permit Admission test is available.

. Those who have participated in the eju examination abroad in November 2018, June 2019 and November 2019, and live abroad in Japan at the time of their wish;

. The Department of economics, the Department of science and engineering, the Department of architecture, the Department of literature and art, the Department of English British and American literature, the Department of international studies, the Ministry of agriculture, and the Department of biological science and engineering are required to submit relevant English Achievement Certificates.

* 2 any certificate of achievement in TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, practical English proficiency test and international common English test is required. How much fart is normal? How much harm does suffocating fart do to human body? How dare you hold your breath after watching it

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