The 4 kinds of behavior of parents, cause the child to have a bad temper, did you fall in

A well-known education expert said that the most real look of a person is the way he looks when he is angry. And many times, a person’s character is irritable and irritable, often with his original family has an inseparable relationship.

no one is born with a bad temper. His or her temper is gradually changed under the influence and living environment of the day after tomorrow. Especially when she was a child, the impact of the living environment was greater. However, those who grew up with a bad temper mostly had these two experiences when they were young, so they were helpless.

therefore, parents should also pay attention to their daily life. Your words and deeds are all children’s role models and affect their future life. Please do not do the following four behaviors!

although the country has already opened up two children, the one-child policy of the previous generation has made a large part of families still have four old people and two adults facing one or two children.

in the face of the only seedling in the family, many people have no time to love them. They are not willing to teach them hard. But time after time of connivance, in return is not a sensible baby, but let people avoid the “bear child”. Self centered children, no matter what they do, are transferred by their own will and do whatever they like. Their natural character and temper are not easy to provoke.

it is the law of nature that you raise me young and I raise you old. It seems that only we human beings will consciously or unconsciously violate this law, always want to use our shoulders for the next generation to undertake everything. But it’s not the parents who take on all the hard work in life, and the children can be relaxed for a lifetime.

on the contrary, if children have no experience from childhood, they will only turn ordinary difficulties into setbacks and even disasters in the future. Let the child learn to be independent, teach him responsibility and responsibility, this is the true love for children, is the rational love.

secondly, parents’ behavior provides an example for children to follow. Once the environment is appropriate, children will also show the same irritability and aggressive behavior.

a child born today wishes to become a talent tomorrow. Seeing the children of other families learn this, I am afraid that my children will fall behind, so I hasten to sign up, regardless of whether the children are willing or not, whether they are really suitable for children.

in fact, there are many roads leading to the distance in front of every child. It can’t just be the one that parents draw out, but it should follow the one from the bottom of the child’s heart. Parents can not force, but should patiently help their children to find, encourage them to go hard.

I have a classmate who is generally acknowledged to have a good temper and never gets angry after being a mother. She said the reason why she never gets angry is that she often expresses her emotions with her family.

when a person is angry and angry, as long as you give her a strong hug, listen attentively and affirm her feelings, you can bring strength and comfort to the other party. Once the other party’s emotions are released and expressed, they will naturally be calm and gentle.

the same is true for children. In any case, don’t show your child your tantrums, or it’s easy that after years, the child will become the way you are now roaring.

the most difficult thing in life is not that we don’t meet each other, but when we meet, we miss each other again, leaving behind only a hazy figure. If there is no fate, why do we meet each other? If so, why should we miss it. What can make us miserable in life is to miss, to arouse our feelings is to meet, and to miss is so hazy.

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