Thai experts catch bat detection: or discover the same pathogen as new coronavirus

According to the associated press on August 13, there are 19 species of horseshoe bat in Thailand, but no new coronavirus has been detected. Nearly 200 bats from three caves were captured by a net set up in the mountains of siyo National Park, west of Thailand’s Bebi Phu. After catching bats, a team from the Thai Red Cross’s emerging infectious disease health science center took samples from their saliva, blood and feces before releasing them, the Associated Press reported. They work all night, sampling horseshoe bats and other bats to understand the pathogens they carry. The team is led by supaporn wacharappluesade, deputy director of the center. She has been studying bat borne infectious diseases for more than 20 years. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in Thailand by China’s team in January. < / P > < p > supaporn said that it is likely that the same pathogen as the new coronavirus will be found in Thai bats, “the virus spreads without borders, and the disease can go anywhere with bats.”. < p > < p > surging news has previously reported that most scientists in the world have reached a preliminary consensus on the traceability of NCV: NCV is a virus of natural origin, which may have existed in nature for a long time; this virus was first transmitted from a certain bat, and there may be some intermediate host in the process of infecting human beings; however, this virus is a virus of natural origin, which may have existed in nature for a long time It is still unclear when, where and how the infection occurred. 5g is coming, operators finally think of the big problem of “calling”

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