Tencent’s strength in game development and operation should not be underestimated

A keen sense of market sense is an important condition for seizing opportunities. When the end game “League of heroes” became popular at home and abroad, Tencent saw the huge attraction of MoBa games and the huge potential market of mobile games. Tencent made its own MoBa mobile game and attracted a large number of MoBa fans from the League of heroes. Such a similar mobile game can let them use more portable devices to feel the fun of MoBa games in fragmented time. As soon as “glory of the king” came out, it immediately seized the first opportunity in the mobile game market and became the first “phenomenal national mobile game” in China. When the “big escape” game was in fire, the end game pubg, which had the highest quality and number of players in the same kind of game, immediately purchased the copyright of the game and produced “stimulating battlefield”, which is now “peace elite”. With the game experience brought by high degree of restoration, it made a world in the red sea of mobile game, and finally defeated the similar mobile game in the market And won the final victory. 5g is coming, operators finally think of the big problem of “calling”

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