Strategy of preparing for pregnancy

Most of the older women feel that preparing for pregnancy is not so important. How can the older generation prepare for their children? After pregnancy, pay more attention to rest and eat more delicious supplementary nutrition, not so much attention;

but young women think that pregnancy can never be a battle of uncertainty, and preparation for pregnancy is the key to good pregnancy. Compared with the unexpected surprise, they expect the baby to be the crystallization of parents’ love, the continuation of love and the sublimation of spirit. In order to the health of the fetus, it is necessary to prepare pregnancy step by step.

5) special attention should be paid when taking medicine due to illness or other reasons before pregnancy. Because some drugs stay in the body and take effect for a long time, sometimes it will affect the fetus.

1) pre pregnancy risk factors were assessed, including health status, disease, family history, genetic history, adverse pregnancy history, lifestyle, diet, occupational status, etc.

2) compared with 0.4mg folic acid, the threshold concentration of prevention of neural tube defects can be reached faster by taking compound vitamin preparation containing 0.8mg folic acid every day.

5) after hospital examination, ovarian, fallopian tube and uterine dysfunction affect fertility, or male severe oligospermia, azoospermia, it is recommended to directly test tube baby for pregnancy.

6) if you want to screen infants for multiple major diseases or have gender requirements, the third generation of IVF technology overseas will be an ideal choice.

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