South Korea’s epidemic situation rebounded and prevention and control tightened again

Novel coronavirus pneumonia,

, Liu Yuan, Global Times special correspondent, Li Wen, has recently decided to step up the epidemic prevention measures with the recent rebound in the new crown pneumonia epidemic. The social distance restriction measures in Seoul and Gyeonggi Do have been upgraded from the first stage to a more rigorous second stage from two a.m. on August 16th at the beginning of 0. < / P > < p > according to the Ministry of disaster security countermeasures of the central government of South Korea on the 16th, the Ministry of epidemic prevention of South Korea expanded the definition of high-risk facilities and added Internet cafes on the basis of 12 types of public facilities, such as nightclubs, singing halls and buffets. These facilities are required to strictly abide by the epidemic prevention rules, introduce the electronic access registration system that uses scanning two-dimensional code to register identity information, and require visitors Staff wear masks. Although cram schools, religious facilities, water parks, wedding venues, cinemas and saunas are not high-risk facilities, the core epidemic prevention code should be strictly observed from the same day. According to the regulations formulated by the epidemic prevention department in June, the second stage of social distance restriction measures means that high-risk facilities need to be closed. However, the epidemic prevention department said that the epidemic situation will be observed within two weeks. If the epidemic situation deteriorates, high-intensity epidemic prevention measures will be implemented, including interrupting the operation of high-risk facilities, banning parties and group activities. In addition, the Ministry of epidemic prevention of South Korea announced that it would tighten the limit on the number of students attending schools in Seoul and Gyeonggi do district on the same day, keeping the number of students attending schools at 2 / 3 to 1 / 3 of the total; public institutions and private enterprises should implement home office or flexible work system; professional football and baseball and other sports events will be held empty. The novel coronavirus pneumonia is very worrying in South Korea, and there are two signs of pandemic,

Yonhap said. South Korea reported 103 and 166 new cases in a single day on the 14th and 15th, exceeding 100 cases for two consecutive days and even 279 cases on the 16th. In the past three days, there were 548 cases in total, and the epidemic spread trend was basically close to the level of the first pandemic mainly in Daqiu city and qingshangbeidao area. The capital circle accounted for 90.7% of the newly added cases on the 16th. Some of the churches became the source of large-scale aggregation infection of new coronavirus, which started from the “love first church” in Seoul and “our first church” in Longren City, Gyeonggi Province, which continued to ferment, resulting in the rapid spread of the epidemic and the surge of related cases. The new cases of community infection on the same day reached the highest level since March 8 and increased by 112 cases compared with the previous day. Just the day before, some churches and non-governmental organizations forcibly held large-scale gatherings in the Guanghuamen area of Seoul.

on this occasion, South Korean President Wen on 16 in the social network severely criticized, “this is a challenge to the national epidemic prevention system, but also a serious threat to national life.” He pointed out that some churches held gathering gatherings in violation of the epidemic prevention code, and believers refused to accept virus testing and epidemiological investigation, which seriously hindered the epidemic prevention work. What is more serious is that some believers who originally need to be isolated at home still participate in large-scale gatherings. As the participants of these gatherings come from all over the country, the epidemic may spread in an all-round way. There will be a significant increase in the number of new cases on a single day. South Korea is facing the biggest crisis after the occurrence of a congregated infection in the new world church. India’s Ministry of health has announced that the number of new cases has exceeded 2 million

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