South Korea “new crown depression” surge, medical experts give prevention advice

[Global Times comprehensive report] South Korea’s “new crown depression” is widespread across the country. From February to August 3, more than 374000 people went to public medical institutions for mental health problems, exceeding the total number of patients suffering from depression or anxiety in the past year, the Korean Daily quoted the Ministry of health and welfare as saying. < / P > < p > according to Korean medical professionals, private hospitals also experienced a surge in depression patients caused by the new crown. South Korean psychiatrist Lu Zhengjun said that most patients with chest tightness symptoms, especially the elderly, often feel chest tightness for no reason, only after going to the hospital did they know they had new crown depression. Lu Zhengjun explained that as the elderly are at high risk of infection with the new coronavirus, their movement is more restricted and their psychology is more vulnerable. Park Linghou, the head of South Korea’s Ministry of health and welfare, said that the rise of social depression makes people worry about suicide. Medical experts suggest that to prevent new crown depression, it is better to have more activities in a quiet and open place and talk to others on the phone. If depressive symptoms persist for more than two weeks, seek medical advice. Isn’t a happy meal safe? Six year old girl eats “Mask” in McDonald’s chicken nuggets

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