Sony or Microsoft? Ten thousand people vote to predict host price disclosure order

For a period of time, the news conference and various rumors of the new generation of mainframe have always occupied people’s attention. However, on the key information of the host price, the two companies are still tight lipped. Although there are reports on the price range before, the specific price is still a mystery.

the verge reporter tomarren’s “who will first announce the price of the next generation of mainframe” on twitter attracted tens of thousands of participants. Netizens queued up to predict and had a heated discussion below. The voting results showed that about 56% of netizens thought that Microsoft would announce the host price first, and 44% of the netizens who supported Sony would announce the host price first. What do you think Sony or Microsoft will give priority to releasing the price information of this price “hold music” war?

as a game with high degree of freedom, the terrain of the game map is generated by machine, which makes the game world wide and increases the difficulty of finding specific places.

a long time ago, some players were curious about where the background of the interface was in the game, but at that time, the author notch only used a snapshot of a place as the background, and he did not remember the specific coordinates

according to Kotaku, some members of the minecraft home team found this place with the help of volunteers’ idle computers. By working on a computer, they can compress 93 days of work into 24 hours. So they started searching until they were sure they had found the background of the game’s main screen. If you are interested, you may as well go to the game in person.

according to wccftech and resetera. The famous source Shinobi 602 suggested that the Xbox event in the restera discussion would announce the news of the new work of the fable of the gods and ghosts, but he did not specify whether it was a demonstration or a preview. Klobrille, another well-known informant, said that it was unlikely to release demo demo, and engine preview was more promising. Some time ago, some foreign media found that relevant Microsoft personnel had registered their twitter account “ghost fable”, but Microsoft said it was to ensure that IP was on the social platform. There have been rumors that the new work is under development, but there has been no official information. In addition, klobrille suggests that the need to pay for online multiplayer services may be a thing of the past, but it’s not clear when that will happen.

BioWare has announced that it will launch an expanded version of the quality effect: trilogy art collection at a price of $39.99. Pre orders have already begun and are expected to be on the market.

according to the description, the quality effect: trilogy expands the art collection by adding hundreds of works of art that have never been seen before to explore the legendary game series in greater depth. It contains a lot of new content in three DLC games, such as “the nest of shadow agents” in “quality effect 2” and “Shenbao” in “quality effect 3”. Explore the evolution of aliens, planets, spaceships, and this science fiction universe, and enjoy BioWare developers from the earliest design sketches to detailed final renderings.

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