Son addicted to online games, recharge game 40000 yuan, mother can not help tears: to carry 40000 bags of cement

Before the popularity of smart phones, most people put their money into the bank and withdraw money through passbooks or bank cards. However, since the popularity of smart phones, mobile payment has become the mainstream, many people’s mobile phones are bound with their own bank cards, which makes payment convenient and fast, and has become the first choice of many people.

Ms. Hou is a migrant worker. Without high school education, she can only work hard with her husband on the construction site. Because Ms. Hou has no skills, she can only make money by carrying cement bags. Carrying a bag of cement is one yuan.

it turns out that Ms. Hou and her husband often work outside, and their children are not accompanied at home, so they fall in love with online games. In order to earn enough face in the game, the son in the game recharge to buy equipment, let people see there is “thigh”, but gradually the child’s pocket money can not make ends meet, so the son put the crooked brain on the parents.

he quietly remembered his mother’s payment password and mobile phone password. When his family didn’t pay attention, he used his mother’s mobile phone to flush 40000 yuan into his game.

“do you know how hard it is for a mother to earn 40000 yuan? Mother has to carry 40000 bags of cement to save 40000 yuan! ” Facing the sobbing mother, the son did not have a trace of introspection, which can not help people cool.

some children don’t have enough self-control ability and are hard to control themselves in the face of temptation. So in the face of the huge recharge in the game, in order to get all the rare equipment or other benefits, these children will not care to recharge the game.

most children now spend their parents’ money when recharging, which shows that parents do not do a good job in property security protection, which leads to children’s understanding of their payment password. This kind of privacy should not be let the children know. If the children know something wrong, they will secretly spend their parents’ money to recharge their game account like Ms. Liu’s son.

the reason why children spend a lot of money to recharge games is not just for children. In addition to criticizing and educating their children and negotiating with game companies, parents should also reflect on their own mistakes. Look for reasons from yourself and see what makes your child behave like this.

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