Some people worry that the cost of getting rid of China is incalculable

[Global Times correspondent Qiang Wei Chen Kang] according to the latest data released by the British National Bureau of statistics on the 12th, China’s GDP in the UK fell by 20.4% in the second quarter, which is the largest quarterly GDP decline in the UK on record. At present, Britain is not only in recession, but also in politics and society. The wave of “independence” in Northern Ireland and Scotland is surging again. Due to the lack of foreign investment in hydropower and other infrastructure, the heat wave caused many places to cut off water and power supply. The daily star called out “Britain stinks”. Free trade negotiations with New Zealand, Japan and the United States have stalled. As for the future of the UK, just one day before the GDP data was released, Prime Minister Johnson warned the public: “it will be a hard time for a while. This period of time will not be short, and the road to recovery will be long and difficult.”. The BBC said the UK had officially entered a recession as the economy shrank for two consecutive quarters. Compared with 2019, the UK economy has declined by 22.1% in the first half of 2020. The report said that the recession is not the worst, if the recession continues, it will become an economic depression. The International Monetary Fund had predicted that Britain’s GDP would fall by 10.2% this year, implying that the recession would be more severe than the Great Depression of the 1930s. < / P > < p > “no other big industrial country has been so hard hit by the new crown crisis as the UK.” According to ABC, the British economy experienced an unprecedented recession in the second quarter, which was more severe than that of Germany, France, Italy and the United States. At present, only Canada and Japan among the seven western countries have not released GDP data in the second quarter, but no economist thinks that any other country will be as bad as Britain. < p > < p > in the economic recession, the most affected are the unemployed. The guardian said the government’s previous rescue plan, which has saved jobs for about 10 million people, will be withdrawn in October. At that time, more British companies are expected to lay off workers, threatening the already severely declining employment rate. About 7.5 million people were temporarily unemployed in June, 5.5 million more than normal, according to the office for national statistics. Dodds, the shadow finance minister of the labor party, criticized that it was a “historic mistake” for the government to withdraw from the rescue plan at a time when the country was in recession, which would be “a tragedy under Johnson’s eyes”. < / P > < p > the BBC says the most frightening thing has yet to happen, but it is already on the horizon – unemployment will soar. Economists described it as “calm before the storm.”. According to the report, unemployment means a series of economic and social problems, including lower consumption, increased welfare expenditure and increased social instability factors, and even turned into political problems. The Great Depression of the 1930s is still very much talked about. The economic depression has become the prelude to war and revolution. < p > < p > the main reason for the UK economic recession is the new crown epidemic. The initial delay in the UK government’s adoption of the epidemic was once the most serious because of the UK government’s delay. According to the real-time global epidemic statistics from Johns Hopkins University in the United States, as of the 13th, more than 315000 confirmed cases and 46000 deaths have been reported in the UK. In line with Northern Ireland and Scotland, England will adopt a new statistical method: death within 28 days after the new coronavirus test is positive will be included in the new crown death toll, and will not be included in the death toll beyond 28 days, the Department of Health said on the 12th. After the introduction of the new statistical method, the cumulative number of deaths in the United Kingdom has decreased by 5377. Due to people’s dissatisfaction with the British government’s anti epidemic route, and the negotiation with EU after brexit was blocked, the “independence” wave appeared again in Northern Ireland and Scotland. According to the latest poll data, 53% of Scotland’s people support “independence”, the highest proportion of people in Scotland to support “independence” since the poll was recorded, the Express reported. In recent weeks, British and Chinese cabinet ministers have visited Scotland and Northern Ireland frequently to talk about the strong ties and benefits of being together. Johnson recently visited Scotland and on the 13th he made an urgent visit to Northern Ireland. According to Reuters, Johnson wants to consolidate the “relationship that has been severely frustrated by brexit.”. During the brexit referendum, 56% of northern Irishmen chose to stay in the EU, and the final brexit decision angered many Northern Irish people. < p > < p > in the Irish election in February this year, Sinn Fein, which is open to reunification with Northern Ireland, defeated the Irish Unity Party and the Republican Party, which have been in power for more than a century. This worries the British government. In the face of the growing momentum of the “independence” movement, Johnson recently lamented: “a divided Britain will become weaker.” < p > < p > < p > the leakage of the house happened to rain at night. What bothered the Johnson administration was that even God had added to the mess. After entering August, many parts of the UK suffered from rare high temperature, floods and thunderstorms. Due to the Johnson Administration’s following the trump administration’s tough policy of brexit and China and the recent epidemic situation, foreign investment in infrastructure such as hydropower in Britain has been greatly reduced. Many politicians have also called for a review of the Hinkley point nuclear power project invested by China. Britain has to break its promise to restart coal-fired power plants due to the lack of electricity due to high temperature, the guardian said on the 13th. At the same time, many water plants in the UK are calling on people to use less water. “Britain stinks,” the headline of the Daily Star on the 13th said In addition to the epidemic situation and economic recession, Britain is facing other headwinds, the most obvious of which is its foreign relations. Robert Frost, the chief representative of brexit talks, tweeted on the 13th that he would go to Brussels next week for the seventh round of brexit negotiations with the European Union. He said the two sides could reach an agreement in September. However, most analyses are not optimistic. ABC said that Britain is in the transition period of brexit, but there is no agreement on the future economic relationship with the EU. This means that, starting next year, both sides will impose tariffs on each other’s goods, which most economists believe will further hit the struggling British economy. < / P > < p > “the UK is not suitable for post brexit trade negotiations.” New Zealand’s Deputy Prime Minister Peters threw cold water on Britain’s fantasy of signing free trade agreements with other countries as soon as possible after brexit. According to the independent newspaper, Peters was “disappointed” by the lack of progress in the bilateral free trade negotiations. He candidly criticized that Britain had been in the EU for decades and lacked the ability to negotiate with other countries alone. “It can be said that it is like having not played football for 30 years but suddenly wanted to win a final.”. The report also said that the free trade talks between Britain and Japan failed to reach an agreement last week. According to CNN, Britain has so far failed to “copy” most of the free trade agreements reached between the EU and third countries, which means that Britain will no longer benefit from these free trade agreements after the end of 2020. The British government’s “victory” for a better deal after brexit has collapsed. What makes the Johnson administration even more uncomfortable is that although the trump administration has used the US UK FTA to lure the UK to follow the US on issues such as Huawei, the negotiations between the two sides are still at an impasse. Former US Treasury Secretary summers once said that he did not think that Britain’s “eagerness” would enable the United States and Britain to reach a trade agreement as soon as possible, because Britain “does not have many conditions and chips to negotiate”, and compared with the EU as a whole, Britain can give much less, so the United States needs to make less concessions. The United Kingdom, which has left the European Union, is closely following the United States. It has a tough attitude towards China on issues such as Hong Kong and Huawei, making the relations between the two countries tense. Many people of insight in the UK are worried that if Britain leaves China at this time, the cost will be immeasurable. According to the BBC, British steel was acquired by China professional group in March, which could save more than 3000 jobs in the UK. Chinese students spend at least 1.7 billion pounds a year in the UK. Most universities in the UK will be in financial trouble if they leave Chinese students. But with tensions in London and Beijing rising, relations benefiting the two countries are under threat. < p > < p > Fairborn, director general of the Federation of British industries, recently wrote in the financial times that Sino British relations are very important to the UK. Britain is facing the dilemma of epidemic situation and unemployment. If it chooses to break with China at this time, the consequences will be unbearable. “This is not the time for Britain to isolate itself from China.”. Trump posted that “children are immune to the new crown” was deleted from Facebook and twitter

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