Social e-commerce companies with persistent diseases, global catchers, Beidian, Miya plus, etc. are rumored to be “suspected of pyramid selling”

In the second half of 2020, the wind vane of social e-commerce seems to change subtly. On June 29, Guangzhou sanshuai Liujiang Education Technology Co., Ltd., the operator of Taobao’s social e-commerce platform “taoxiaopu”, and related companies were frozen more than 44 million yuan for suspected pyramid selling. At the same time, the social e-commerce “zebra member” related companies suspected of pyramid selling were frozen by the court for 30 million yuan, causing media attention. It is worth noting that on July 1, a Weibo big V disclosed that Beibei group’s membership discount mall “Beidian” was fined 10000 yuan for pyramid selling. For a time, social e-commerce was in a dilemma of “involving biography”, and its future development road was also slightly “confused”.

in addition, according to the incomplete statistics of the website’s economic and social services, such as gathering, zebra members, Beidian, peanut diaries, dalingjia, big V shop, Wanse City, Jilting baby, global moment, Darren store, chuchuchutui, onion overseas warehouse, youqiaoku, haoyiku, boudoir mall, little black fish app, vegetarian shop, Youke life, hongrenzhuang, Meiya plus, aicang, Fenxiang, futuristic market and pink elephant Social e-commerce such as life has been heard to be suspected of pyramid selling.

on August 3, according to the big data of massive consumer dispute cases of 435 e-commerce platforms in China accepted by the domestic e-commerce professional consumption mediation platform “e-suibao” in the first half of 2020, the ECOSOC E-Commerce Research Center released the report on consumption complaint data and typical cases of China’s social e-commerce in 2020.

during the first half of 2020, the users’ complaints of social e-commerce mainly focused on domestic online shopping, business disputes and online payment, accounting for 67.48%, 17.04% and 2.21% respectively. The gender proportion of users who complained about social e-commerce was male and female; the top three complaint amount ranges were 0-100 yuan, 100-500 yuan and 1000-5000 yuan. The top three users who complained about social e-commerce were Guangdong Province, Shandong Province and Zhejiang Province, accounting for 16.37%, 9.96% and 8.41% respectively.

according to the user rights protection cases accepted by the domestic e-commerce professional consumption mediation platform “diansuibao”, the main problems of social e-commerce complaints in the first half of 2020 are refund problems, commodity quality, online fraud, delivery problems and after-sales service.

in the first half of 2020, the social e-commerce platforms involved in the acceptance of complaints by “cable Suibao” include cloud gathering, zebra members, Beidian, dalingjia, Jilting baby, chuchuchutui, onion, good things, love inventory, pink elephant life, daily Taobao, xingshengxuan and global optional. Before that, big V shop, global moment, small black fish app, future market, you me your community group buying, mengtui, Mengdian, Xiaoxiang superior products, Shunlian power, taojiji, etc. also involved consumer complaints.

previously released the “2020 China e-commerce user experience and complaints monitoring report”, which published the “2020 retail e-commerce consumption rating list”, involving five major areas, including retail e-commerce, import cross-border e-commerce, online auction, second-hand e-commerce, fresh e-commerce and live broadcast platform. The report also announced seven typical cases of e-commerce consumer complaints in the first half of the year. Among them, a total of 4 social e-commerce platforms were selected, including dalingjia, Beidian, global optional and Aiku. According to the data of “power digital treasure”, dalingjia was rated as “suggest to place an order”; Beibei, global self selection and other platforms were rated as “not recommended to place an order”. When accepting the user complaints transferred from the platform, the platform feedback rate, response timeliness and user satisfaction are relatively low. Therefore, it is necessary to actively accept the complaint clues of users from all over the country transferred and supervised by the third party, and respond and timely feedback in the first time And strive to improve the level of after-sales service and word-of-mouth.

Ms. fan of Jiangxi province bought a clean face mask of Ke Yan in May 29th at the “Darling home” order, worth 219 yuan. When the goods were not received, the price of the goods was reduced by 30 yuan, so Ms. fan contacted the merchant to refund the price difference, and was told that she could reject the goods and would refund him. Ms. Fan said that after three days of rejection, the merchants sent me a message every day that they didn’t agree to refuse because they had already signed in. Now it is still in a state of unresolved problems, and the attitude of customer service personnel is perfunctory and leads to dissatisfaction. In this regard, “darlingjia” feedback said that it had communicated with the supplier and applied for refund only, and the account has been received.

on March 9, Ms. Cao placed an order to buy aoliang baked wings in “Beidian”. When she received the goods, the ice bags melted and the chicken wings became bad. She immediately contacted the customer service and told me to throw away the compensation. She repeatedly asked about the compensation. She said that she would refund her money. She had not returned it after about 10 days. When she asked again, she said that she wanted to upload photos. Think about one Who keeps the broken things all the time, but only after throwing them away can they say that they want to pay for the photos. They say that they can only pay for the consumption coupons of 5 yuan, and they can only pay 20 volumes at most. In this regard, “Beidian” sent feedback that: consumers feed back the deterioration of goods and verify that the order platform has handled full refund for consumers on 5.9.

Ms. Xian of Guangdong Province said that she supplied goods on the “global optional” platform, and the bills in December 2019 and January 2020 had not been settled. The total amount of receivables of December 10306.50 in the world was ¥ 16774.50, which had not been settled by April 14, 2020. Moreover, the platform did not reply to any news, and many businesses could not receive payment. When the group consultation on the platform is up to March 12, 2020, the other party’s reply: Yes, at present, the payment is made in batches. I will register the relevant information and feed it back to the leaders. If there is a reply, we will inform you. Then we will ask again later. No one has replied to our information. Media: according to the data of the last two weeks, one person died of the new crown every 15 seconds

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