Shinzo Abe’s vacation plan failed due to Koichi’s decree. Japanese media: Abe is very angry

[Global Times reporter Wang Panpan] Once a year, novel coronavirus pneumonia was released in Tokyo, and the new crown pneumonia epidemic in Tokyo continued to spread. Andouble, governor of Tokyo, asked people to avoid returning to their homes or traveling abroad during the holidays. Abe Shinzo had to put aside his grave to visit the old town of Yamaguchi, where 13 days ago. A vacation plan. The holiday of this year’s Yulan festival in Japan is from August 8 to 16. According to previous arrangements, Abe will return to his hometown, Yamaguchi, to sweep tombs and attend local fireworks conventions, the Japan Times reported on the 13th. Because the Japanese central government did not ask people not to return to their hometown during the festival, Abe also made a vacation plan for this year. However, on August 6, Koichi, governor of Tokyo, held an emergency press conference, declaring this year a “special summer” and calling on Tokyo citizens to exercise self-discipline and not to travel or return to their hometown. In view of this, Abe can only shelve his vacation plan to go back to Shankou county. This is the second time Abe cancelled his vacation plan because of Koichi’s decree, according to the current news agency. At the end of July, Abe had planned to take four consecutive holidays to play golf at his villa in Yamanashi County, as in previous years. However, before the holiday began, Koichi warned Tokyo that the epidemic was at risk of spreading, and asked people not to go outside Tokyo because of unnecessary or urgent matters. Abe’s vacation plan was cancelled. The report quoted people close to Abe to express dissatisfaction, saying that Abe had been extremely tired because of being criticized by many parties, but his vacation plan was “hindered by the small pool every time.”. Abe began to explore the “morning vacation” model because of the pending vacation plan, the report said. For example, on the morning of August 12, Abe spent time in his private house, and only in the afternoon left for the prime minister’s official residence to work. According to Jiji news agency, many people are worried about whether Abe will go to a holiday villa as usual after Japan’s memorial day of World War II defeat on August 15. At present, some members of the Liberal Democratic Party have voiced their opposition, saying that “a leisurely holiday will arouse national disgust”. Japan’s Daiichi Hyundai also exaggerates that Abe, who is in the “tired mode”, is angry at Koike’s frequent use of public pressure to block his vacation plans. In addition, Abe’s government and Tokyo’s measures against the epidemic are not synchronized. Koichi has criticized Abe’s government’s plan to promote tourism, which has also made both sides dissatisfied. Huawei Yu Chengdong: Huawei mate 40 will be released in September, carrying the “out of print” Kirin’s latest 5g chip

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