Share practical word tips, not many people in the plenary session!

I don’t know if you have such a feeling when you use word. Sometimes it’s a very simple operation, which can be solved in a few seconds! You can’t finish it in 5 minutes or even 10 minutes. It’s really a headache! Small editor today for you to sort out a few common word tips that can not be ignored, most people will often encounter!

in our work, we often write multiple word documents. How to merge multiple single word documents into one document? Copy and paste one document after another will take a lot of time. Let’s learn how to quickly merge the contents of multiple word documents. Click the column

[text in file] to enter, and then a file option will pop up. You can select the files you need to merge and the order from the beginning to the end. Oh ~

has worked hard to edit the word content. Maybe because you didn’t press Ctrl + s to save in time, you were deleted by mistake! Should I accept my destiny and write again? In fact, we can retrieve the unsaved documents on the computer!

we all know that word documents can also be edited at will, and if you want to print, you can go to the printing shop and open the document, and the typesetting may change. We can convert word into PDF format, which can not only keep the typesetting unchanged, but also prevent the file from being modified. Just open the PDF Converter in hi format, click the function of [file to PDF], upload the file, click [start conversion], and then you can complete the conversion in a short time ~

? Are these skills practical? After reading the above content, do you want to sigh: originally, there is such a practical word skills! If you had known these skills, you wouldn’t have to work overtime every day!

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