Samsung note20 can’t afford it? These new models are coming soon

Other manufacturers can’t help it. Oppo K7, iqoo 5 series and Huawei mate 40 series, which we have been looking forward to for a long time, are all on the stage.

the snapdragon 765G mobile platform has two storage configurations of 8 + 128GB / 256gb. The performance and storage configuration are OK at this price point.

However, oppo provides a combination of OLED screen + off screen fingerprint identification, which is more suitable for users who pursue daily use and play less games.

according to the speculation in the poster, the refresh rate of 120Hz should not be lost. After all, vivo X50 PRO + has been used with high speed. Iqoo should make up for the regret of the previous iqoo 3.

some friends speculate that it is 120 times zoom, but as far as the number of pixels of mobile phones is concerned, cutting to 120 times the level, the photos can’t be seen.

the overall design style is very similar to last year’s mate series. The back is still “Oreo”. However, this Oreo seems to be bigger this year, which may be caused by camera upgrade?

according to the current rendering images and known information, Huawei mate40 and Huawei mate40 Pro have the following main differences:

in terms of screen, Huawei mate40 adopts a 6.4-inch curved screen with small curvature, while Huawei mate40 Pro still uses the waterfall screen with large curvature last year.

don’t sigh. Although it’s still a waterfall screen, this time at least the volume button is added, and you don’t have to double-click the edge of the screen to evoke the volume button.

for the back camera part, Huawei mate 40 adopts a rear three camera scheme, and the position of the round camera group also has a sensor, which is probably the laser focusing module group?

this time, two additional sensors have been added to the frame of Huawei’s two mobile phones. The specific function is unknown. If you have a big brain hole, you can leave a message and guess.

another change in appearance is that Huawei’s mate series has finally changed to last year’s bangs, instead of “pills” used this year to dig holes.

I believe everyone will have a judgment on whether it looks good or not. At least compared with last year’s bangs, this year’s screen share is indeed a little larger, which is good news.

this is not an easy year for Huawei. I just hope Fage can come up with better products and gather a big move with Huawei. I will be satisfied. 5g is coming, operators finally think of the big problem of “calling”

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