Samsung Galaxy new product launch opens at 22:00 tonight

At 22:00 this evening, the Samsung Galaxy new product launch conference will arrive as scheduled. Although Samsung officially announced the launch time of the new product a long time ago, as time approached, it was still hard to hide the excitement and excitement. Especially after the release of several official trailers, people are more and more looking forward to what products and surprises the Samsung Galaxy new product launch will bring.

judging from the official trailer released at the beginning, Samsung released a set of patterns related to s pen, games and music. From this time on, people began to speculate about the upcoming Galaxy new product launch. It is likely that Samsung will hold the galaxy note series press conference in August every year. With the recent countdown content released by Samsung Galaxy Galaxy Galaxy official microblog, in addition to the s pen and music elements already disclosed, there is also a pattern similar to the iconic butterfly desktop of Samsung folding screen mobile phone, so the speculation that more than one product will be released soon seems to be further confirmed.

in addition to the trailer of this series, the other two trailers released by Samsung officially almost directly “show” the new product form to be launched soon. In the trailer released at the end of July, you can directly see at the end of the film that there are five new products to be released, including smart phones, tablets, smart watches, wireless Bluetooth headsets and folding screen products. It can be said that the upcoming product lineup of Samsung Galaxy new product launch is quite luxurious, and it will also be the super large launch of Samsung’s strongest products in history.

in addition to the products, the information about the elements of the game and music has been further consolidated in another recently released Trailer. In this video, the participation of several foreign stars makes people look forward to the experience of this product. Among them are myth, a professional player of Fortress night, Khalid Robinson, a popular singer, and BTS, a global idol group. Fans who are familiar with these stars all know that they have unique needs and tastes in their respective fields. That is to say, these stars have come to warm up the new products of Samsung Galaxy, which shows that they are also full of expectations for the upcoming new products.

so there are still a few hours before the launch of Samsung Galaxy’s new products. Friends who like and pay attention to Samsung might as well set the alarm clock and log in to Samsung’s official website and other online channels at 10:00 this evening to watch the live broadcast of Samsung Galaxy’s new product launch. Let’s look forward to this big show in the science and technology circle in the second half of the year.

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