Russian mysterious special submarine began testing, displacement of 30000 tons, can carry six “nuclear torpedoes”

According to the Russian satellite news agency on August 1, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced on the same day that the Russian army began to test the “Belgorod” nuclear submarine. The submarine will become the first mother ship equipped with Poseidon nuclear powered unmanned submarine.

in the spring of 2018, Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation, delivered a state of the Union address through Parliament, introducing the information of Russian unmanned attack submarines to the public. But as early as December 2016, the US Central Intelligence Agency announced that Russia had tested deep-water nuclear power plants.

it is reported that Poseidon is a small robot nuclear submarine similar to a large torpedo. According to the evaluation of Western military experts, its displacement is dozens of tons, only special submarine carrier can transport.

unmanned submarine has the speed and depth that ordinary submarine can’t reach. It can reach the target point along the best route alone, and the range is unlimited. Poseidon is a very complex target for NATO submarine interception system. Unmanned submarine can carry not only ordinary warhead, but also nuclear warhead or thermonuclear warhead. Experts believe it is powerful enough to blow up enemy naval bases into dust, or to flood coastal cities by creating artificial tsunamis.

the “Belgorod” nuclear submarine is the carrier of Poseidon and will be put into the Navy at the end of this year. In 1992, Russia began to prepare for the submarine, and 20 years later, it was refitted according to special design. The hull was lengthened by 30 meters and the displacement increased to 30000 tons.

the important feature of the “Belgorod” is the absolute low noise of its propeller. In other words, the submarine can enter the attack boundary quietly and launch the Poseidon unmanned submarine. Data show that a submarine of this type can carry 2-6 unmanned submarines.

Alexander riling, a Russian military expert, said: “manned submarines are certainly powerful weapons, but they also have limitations, that is, human factors. Poseidon, on the other hand, can always be in combat and complete its deployment at any time. This type of unmanned submarine can be controlled by loading software

it is reported that Poseidon has made the US military and political circles extremely nervous. Most Western analysts believe that the nuclear powered unmanned submarine with a special warhead is Russia’s effective response to the deployment of the US anti missile system.

in early July, Marshall Billingsley, the US president’s special envoy for arms control, pointed out that “Poseidon” and “petrel” nuclear powered cruise missiles were “terrible weapons” and should be included in the framework of the start III treaty. In addition, the “zircon” supersonic anti-ship missile should be added. Otherwise, the United States will refuse to extend start III.

but it’s hard to say whether Moscow will succumb to pressure. Washington intends to limit the technological progress of Russia’s military industry system because the United States does not have such research results.

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