Russian issue of new 5 rouble coins angers Japanese (photo)

Readers of Japan’s Hokkaido news are angry at the 5 ruble coins issued by Russia to commemorate the landing of the thousand islands islands, the Russian satellite news agency reported on the 15th. < / P > < p > the circulation of this coin made of non precious metals is reported to be 2 million. On the back of the coin is a monument to the memory of the Soviet soldiers who liberated the Kuril Islands. This monument was built in Kamchatka petro Pavlovsk. Most readers have a negative reaction to the news, according to the report. Readers nicknamed “tokumei” are angry that Russia cannot be allowed to issue such “commemorative” coins. Japan urgently needs to issue its own commemorative coins calling for the return of northern territory! What the government should do, not just avoid the problem. ” The reader “Tim” added, “this time it directly proves that Russia has no desire to solve the territorial issue with Japan at all, and our response should be calm and calm.” < p > < p > reader “per” suggested that “Japan also needs to issue commemorative coins to commemorate its victory over Russia in the war between Russia and Japan. We need to be forced to do so by a timid government that remains silent on insults. ” What’s the truth behind the loss making underwear store’s use of altruistic thinking to build a community and make more than 200000 yuan a month

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