Russian expert: laziness may be a sign of depression

[Global Times comprehensive report] laziness is a normal attribute of a person, but sometimes it can also be a symptom of illness. When this symptom appears, when only need self-control, when need to see a doctor, foreign psychological experts give some suggestions. “Laziness is human nature,” according to Russian news agency 13 daily. Some people even say that laziness is the driving force of progress, because many inventions are born because human beings want to make their life easier. In fact, laziness is often also an instinctive protective response, which helps to get rid of unnecessary work. However, there is a completely different case of laziness. Russian experts believe that when a person does not want to do anything, can not do anything, and can not force himself to do what must be done, this is a kind of morbid. At this point, we need to seek the help of experts. This is likely to be a sign of depression, and if this symptom appears, you need to see a psychologist. If psychological counseling can not alleviate such “laziness”, the patient needs medical treatment. Russian players in the U.S. Open welcome and retreat: security is not guaranteed, going to the United States is uncomfortable

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