Reorganize the five basic characteristics of children’s character in the family, care more and grow more!

In short, at least one of the husband and wife in the reorganized family has been married once and has his own children. After experiencing the changes in life, the two people form a new family and may have two children in common.

the reason for the formation of this type of students is that most of the children in the reorganized family are unable to communicate with their family members, so they feel inferior and feel unable to raise their heads at home. Therefore, they like to be alone and go alone. They do not like to communicate with classmates. They are silent and timid. They live in a lonely circle all day, and their learning effect is not good, and their grades are often lower than average.

students from restructured families without education and supervision ability tend to be of this type. His behavior is disorganized and undisciplined. He does what he wants, goes his own way, has poor self-control ability, is often late, loves to lie, ignores the teacher’s criticism, lacks self-improvement, is indifferent to the collective, and has poor academic performance.

a large number of students from restructured families belong to this type. As a result of paranoia, they are skeptical about everything and have a serious rebellious mentality. Some even fight with each other. Learning depends on interest, the results are sometimes good and bad, the teacher’s praise and criticism are insensitive, lack of collective sense of honor.

because of the overindulgence of their grandparents, or the lack of supervision and education ability, the students from reorganized families who have bad friends and bad social habits tend to belong to this type. Due to the lack of discipline, he developed a arrogant habit from childhood. He was self-centered in dealing with everything. He had no parents, teachers and classmates in his mind. He had a weak sense of law and discipline. Some of them are easy to go against the law and discipline because of their bad choice of friends and bad habits.

most of the students of this type live in reorganized families with good education methods. They are well aware of the hardships of adult life, and they try their best to raise and care for themselves. The “reward” psychology is the psychological basis of their self-reliance and self-improvement character. This part of the students study hard, listen attentively in class, finish the homework assigned by the teacher conscientiously after class, can consciously abide by the school’s organizational discipline, love the class collective, seriously responsible for the work of the class, and achieve good academic results.

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