Ren Zhengfei’s visit to three colleges and universities leads to advertising effect: it is also necessary to have foresight to apply for popular majors

Jiaotong University and Southeast University have delivered many talents to HUAWEI in recent years. Ren Zhengfei has also made good cooperation with the principals of these three universities. He hopes that students can study professionally in schools. In the future, they will welcome HUAWEI

Ren Zhengfei to every university. The official account number of the university will reach 100 thousand + in a moment, and the influence of Ren Zhengfei will be visible to college students. Plaques.

since the college entrance examination results came out, almost every candidate’s parents are concerned about their children’s volunteering. It is hoped that they can go to a good university and major, or they can stay in the local area or go outside.

I remember a news story a few years ago. At that time, the computer industry was very popular. Many parents just signed up for the computer major for their children, but they didn’t choose any other major.

there are a lot of applicants, but at that time, there are so many students enrolled in the school, so a large number of students do not achieve very high scores, which naturally fall into the list.

the pursuit of popular majors seemed to be the most important thing for parents and examinees at that time. Almost every parent was talking about which major was popular. Many parents spent money to find tutors to apply for the popular major for their children.

an online academic bully wanted to apply for the archaeology major of Beida. As we all know, archaeology is a very unpopular major, even in Peking University It is still not optimistic, because compared with other majors, the students majoring in archaeology are far behind in terms of employment and salary.

this Xueba said that at the beginning, many people didn’t understand their choices, but they were very firm. They knew what they wanted and what they wanted, and also understood the direction of archaeology after they completed their studies.

especially now, many colleges and universities have opened many new majors. Although they are not popular majors, they are not worthless. It is the market that determines the need for talents in this field.

in the TV series little joy, Lin lei’er is very good at science, especially in physics. He often gets full marks in exams, so he is the first one to choose physics.

children choose subjects that they are good at, on the one hand, they are already excellent in this subject, even if they learn new knowledge, they will be easy to start; on the other hand, compared with other subjects that are not good at, children will be more confident.

Fang Yifan in little joy is a typical example. Before contacting the art examination, Fang Yifan did not get good grades, so it was difficult to go to a good university. However, since he found his interest in art, he tried to take dance and vocal music classes until he got the admission notice from three universities.

the same is true of Ji Yangyang, who has always been interested in racing since he was a child, so he chose to go abroad to study racing related knowledge after the college entrance examination.

for many parents and students, there are many websites and channels to learn about the past and present life of an industry, which also means that they will not apply for the major as before.

candidates can first list their favorite majors, and then go to understand what the major is for. Don’t wait until they go to school and find out that they have a high degree of misunderstanding about this major and then major again. This will waste a year of time.

it’s not as popular as children’s English in recent years. Why do so many parents let their children learn English? On the one hand, it’s because there are requirements for English in future examinations, and on the other hand, it’s more convenient for children to study abroad.

many online parenting bloggers have also mentioned that parents who are concerned about children’s education will generally arrange their children’s basic planning in advance and slowly change some rules during their children’s growth.

the major in university is an important part, because it is not only four years, but also the first time that children come into contact with various people and things.

this has a very important impact on children’s future career planning, so when applying for a major, it’s better to discuss with your child what you want to do in the future? Is this major related to what you’re going to do?

volunteering for an examination is one of the biggest things in a child’s life. As a parent, don’t just muddle through. You should not only discuss with your child, but also learn new knowledge, and try to help your child apply for a better major. Media: according to the data of the last two weeks, one person died of the new crown every 15 seconds

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