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In recent years, a large number of students study in the United States. In these students, many students choose to apply for science and engineering majors, mainly because of their strong practical application ability, and they will have a broad career path and development prospects after graduation. So, what are the most popular engineering majors in the United States? Let’s have a look at it with Nanchang study abroad cloud!

mathematics is widely used, not only in natural science, engineering and industrial production, but also in medicine and commerce. However, the number of students studying mathematics in the United States is now more than 20% lower than it was 10 years ago. Statistics is a practical science dealing with data information. It studies how to collect, analyze and interpret these data information in an effective way. Basic knowledge: mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer; analytical ability, patience. This kind of professional market demand is bigger, if can combine other profession, have bigger market competition ability. Can be engaged in business operations research work and research, as a business consultant, financial, securities analysts, teachers, etc. According to experts studying abroad, mathematics and statistics professionals are needed in almost all fields, and graduates can work in all walks of life.

industrial engineering is a comprehensive technology that optimizes the allocation of production system elements such as human, equipment, materials, information and environment, systematically plans and designs, evaluates and innovates industrial production processes, so as to improve industrial productivity and specialization of social and economic benefits. Industrial engineering has always been one of the main directions of enterprise management personnel training in western industrial developed countries. After graduation, students of this major can obtain broad employment opportunities in the fields of engineering, management, scientific research and consulting, and can engage in teaching, scientific research, management, design and development in manufacturing, service, public utilities, scientific research institutes, government departments and institutions.

every year, 30% of the total number of engineering students who apply for the major of civil engineering in the United States can be applied for in China. For the students who apply for civil engineering, the key factor for the success of the application school lies in the students’ professional research background. When recruiting graduate students, American colleges and universities pay special attention to the scientific research projects and achievements that the applicants have done in the undergraduate stage. For students who want to apply for a famous professional school, if they have published professional papers in international journals, they will greatly increase the possibility of being admitted. For the students who lack research background, if they have participated in engineering design, management and actual construction work, they will also easily get the favor of famous schools, thus helping their famous schools to apply.

although mechanical engineering is not the most popular one among engineering majors, unlike electrical engineering, which dominates one-third of the popular majors, mechanical engineering in American universities still ranks in the top three among the top 15 majors with the largest number of applicants, only secondary to electrical engineering and computer science. The excellent universities of mechanical engineering in the United States are: Massachusetts Institute of technology, Stanford University, California Institute of technology, University of California Berkeley, Georgia Institute of technology, University of Michigan Ann Arbor, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, Carnegie Mellon University, Cornell University, Purdue University, West Lafayette campus. The graduate students of this major have various employment directions and a wide range. Employment direction and industry mainly involve: automobile, aerospace, shipping, agriculture, chemical industry, civil affairs, energy and medicine. Skip to content

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