Quanyou Asia Pacific service: before the army moves, the Chinese people are bullied first, which is tolerable. The Quanyou alliance can’t bear it!

Game of power: winter is coming. After the Asia Pacific service was launched, players from Asia Pacific countries or regions organized their own player alliances. However, as Chinese players belong to minority groups in the game, they are often bullied by other foreign leagues. Some even attack the cities with Chinese ID and seize resources, which leads to the poor game experience of Chinese players. In fact, most foreign players are very friendly. In particular, some groups are at a disadvantage in terms of numbers, and other alliances are cooperating to encircle the Chinese forces. Even in some communities, it shows all kinds of ridicule and exclusion, which greatly reduces the game experience of Chinese players in “Quanyou” Asia Pacific service.

but no matter SLG players or fans of game of thrones, they can definitely find their favorite way to play in the game! If you are a loyal SLG player, then this “game of power: winter is coming” Asia Pacific service is your must experience! In particular, domestic players should set up their own alliances to fight against foreign leagues, protect our Chinese compatriots, and contribute to the fight against foreign leagues.

from the actual experience of the game, this SLG mobile game not only perfectly restores the bridge of the play, but also, in the game, it can make the players gain great advantages in the battlefield by grasping the strategies such as the division of arms, the combination of arms lineup, the personal attribute of the commander, the opportunity to release the commander’s skills, and the strength of allies. The interaction of infantry, spearmen, archers and cavalry, the force structure derived from the commander’s positioning, skills, and family attributes, as well as the commander’s lineup will become the strategy players need to think about in the war layout.

after the PVP system of the Asia Pacific service in the game of power: winter is coming, the city defense equipment is no longer just a decoration, but can determine the direction of the city defense battle. The territory and city defense Garrison has become very important, and the city defense garrison of different arms will have different effects. If you also like the PVP playing method, come to “Quanyou” Asia Pacific service to experience the pleasure of conquering the city! Although it’s an overseas game, the game has its own translation system, which can socialize with players from other regions. This time, the Asia Pacific service and the national service have been greatly optimized. For example, in the Lord training, the national service is relatively cumbersome, which takes up a lot of players’ energy. In the Asia Pacific service, the Lord is optimized, only the title playing method is adopted, and almost all others are deleted or optimized to avoid miscellaneous playing methods, so that players can devote more attention to social contact and combat.

at present, the Asia Pacific service of “game of power: winter is coming” has been launched. During the summer vacation, many players have begun to join this large-scale transnational war game. Students who don’t know how to get started are recommended to go to the K station to see the God, upload relevant strategies and download methods, and search for “got” M》 You can find relevant wiki columns and learn! I don’t know what kind of strategy you will use to defeat your opponent? For the ridicule and provocation of players in other regions, will you choose to resist or fight back?

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