President Lukashenko of Belarus: never want his son to be president

[Global Times synthesis] “my youngest son has an opposition view.” Russia’s “Communist Youth League Pravda” reported on the 6th that at the request of his youngest son Nikolay, Belarusian president Lukashenko said in an interview with Ukrainian journalist Dmitry Gorton on the 5th.

the interview took place in a room with a fireplace and lasted for two and a half hours in the form of a relaxed chat, which was the first time Lukashenko had been interviewed in this form. Goldon revealed that Lukashenko said in an interview that his son Nikolay was an opposition figure who sympathized with the Liberals and supported the opposition. Goldon explained that Nikolay and his father went to different countries and had exchanges with leaders of many countries. He saw and understood a lot of things, thus forming his own world outlook. According to the report, Lukashenko told Gorton that he did not want his son to be president in the future, he hoped his son could lead a peaceful life.

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