Pregnant women with good amniotic fluid quality usually have this performance, and if you do, the fetus will develop well

After a woman’s pregnancy, the pregnant belly will become bigger and bigger. On the one hand, the fetus is growing, on the other hand, amniotic fluid is gradually increasing. Some people think that amniotic fluid only plays a protective role on the fetus, and the quality of amniotic fluid will not affect the fetus, but in fact it is not. Amniotic fluid has the function of material exchange, which can better help the fetus obtain oxygen and various nutrients. In addition, the early body of the baby Internal circulation is mainly accomplished by swallowing amniotic fluid. If the quality of amniotic fluid is poor, the development of fetus will also be affected. Since the quality of amniotic fluid is so important for fetal development, how can we judge whether the quality of amniotic fluid is maintained at a better level?

as we mentioned earlier, the gradual growth of the fetus and the increase of amniotic fluid volume will affect the abdominal dimension of the pregnant mother. Generally speaking, the amount of amniotic fluid is directly proportional to its quality. If the amount of amniotic fluid is insufficient, the amount of amniotic fluid that can be used by the fetus to complete metabolism will be reduced. If the amount of amniotic fluid does not meet the standard, the growth of abdominal dimension of pregnant mother will become slow. It is suggested that the pregnant mother should measure her abdominal circumference regularly and make a record. Under the condition that the growth rate of amniotic fluid in the uterus of pregnant mother is normal and the fetal development is normal, the abdominal circumference of pregnant mother should be increased by about 0.8 cm every week. If the growth rate of abdominal circumference of pregnant mother does not reach this standard, it may be caused by poor quality of amniotic fluid. Pregnant women can try to increase daily drinking water to promote the body Internal circulation, so that the amount of amniotic fluid is increased.

we know that some internal factors of the body can be expressed through the person’s complexion and spirit. If the quality of amniotic fluid of pregnant mother is good, it means that the pregnant mother usually pays attention to maintenance, adequate nutrition intake and proper exercise, so that the internal environment of pregnant mother’s body becomes more high-quality and the circulation function is strong, and the impurities in amniotic fluid will be in the overall circulation The process is taken away and become clearer, at this time the amniotic fluid can play a related role, the fetus can naturally develop better.

in the process of fetal development, fetal movement and fetal heart rate have certain rules. If the quality of amniotic fluid is high and the fetal condition is relatively stable, the fetal movement will be maintained at 3 to 5 times per hour, and the fetal heart rate will be maintained at about 120 per minute. But if the quality of amniotic fluid has problems, then the laws of fetal movement and fetal heart rate will be broken, affecting the stability of the fetus. Relatively speaking, the number of fetal movements is easier to be recorded by the pregnant mother, so the pregnant mother can take the interval hour recording method to record the baby’s fetal movement times. It is to record the fetal movement in the first, third, fifth, seventh, ninth and eleventh hours of the day, and calculate the total number of fetal movements within six hours. Then we can compare it with the standard value. If the total number of times is between 35 and 50, it means that there is no problem with the fetus and the water quality of the sheep is relatively good. However, if the number of fetal movements does not meet this standard, it is necessary to see a doctor Is it amniotic fluid.

in addition to self-examination at home, it is also essential to have a timely delivery check-up. Through the birth examination, we can know more about the pregnant mother and the baby’s condition, so that the doctor can give the correct diagnosis according to the actual situation. Media: according to the data of the last two weeks, one person died of the new crown every 15 seconds

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