Pregnant mother 4 kinds of fruit to eat often, the baby intelligent development fast, but also prevent constipation

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apples are so common that we can eat them in any season. Although this kind of fruit is very common, and very cheap, but its nutrients are very high, the amount of vitamins is no less. Eat more apples, for the resistance of pregnant mother or help, at the same time can also help gastrointestinal peristalsis, relieve the status of poor defecation. Because the apple attribute is very mild, as long as you don’t eat too cold apples, there will be no side effects.

Cherry contains a lot of Fe, so it’s the most suitable way to replenish blood for pregnant mother, which is beneficial to baby’s development. If the pregnant mother is dizzy at ordinary times, she should eat a few chelizi quickly, and it is sure that nothing will happen in a short time. However, although the effect of chelizi is relatively large, it can not eat too much at ordinary times, otherwise it will cause a great burden on the stomach.

blueberry is known to brighten eyes and relieve vision. At the same time, pregnant mother eat, but also can enhance some of their own immune resistance, at the same time blueberry also has a certain beauty effect, often eat words will ease the melanin on the pregnant mother’s face. Some people like to use yogurt and blueberries together to eat, which is actually OK, but only when pregnant mothers feel some heartburn is the best to eat, usually should not eat too much.

because pregnant mothers are prone to constipation after pregnancy, bananas are quite effective in relieving constipation, so the fruit of pregnant mothers can not be ignored. However, the sugar content in bananas is relatively high, so pregnant mothers can not eat too much bananas every day, otherwise, causing hyperglycemia is also a very bad result.

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