Portuguese President’s interview: 72 years old and vigorous

[Global Times comprehensive report] Portuguese and Spanish media published a news at the main position of the page on the 16th, which was related to Portuguese President De Sousa. According to the Spanish “20 minutes” on the 16th, de Souza took a vacation and investigated how to deepen the tourism development in several coastal cities. In the afternoon, he was interviewed by a TV reporter about his tourism reform strategy. The interview place was arranged at the beach. When desoza was chatting with reporters, he found that a small wooden boat capsized in the offshore area. Two young women on board called for help after falling into the water. After seeing this, desoza jumped into the sea and swam towards the drowning man. The beach lifeguard also saw that someone fell into the water, and immediately drove the high-speed motorboat to the scene of the fall, and together with desoza, rescued two young women who fell into the water. The whole rescue process of desoza was recorded by a reporter with a camera. After watching, the Portuguese audience was very surprised and sighed that although de Sousa is 72 years old, he is as vigorous as a young man. Some netizens wrote that desoza was a swimming enthusiast when he was young, and he won many swimming competitions. President of Belarus talks about Putin: like my brother, he is not an elder who gives orders

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