Pompeio’s visit to central and Eastern Europe

U.S. Secretary of state pompeio visited the four central and Eastern European countries from November 11 to 15, opening the “anti Russian Tour”! China’s China and Russia novel coronavirus pneumonia are being discredited by the 12 member parliament in Czech on the 5G Security Council and the new crown pneumonia epidemic, according to Czech media. It is said that China and Russia are trying to influence “democratic countries” and undermine the Western alliance. Cooperation with Chinese and Russian enterprises will weaken Czech’s national security and sovereignty. The associated press said that China and Russia are active in the energy, infrastructure and Telecommunications fields of the European continent, and the United States hopes to reverse this trend. Pompeio will use the visit to promote European countries to confront the influence of China and Russia. Cui Hongjian, director of the European Institute of the Chinese Academy of international studies, told the global times on the 12th that pompeio’s visit to central and Eastern European countries to confront China and Russia is a manifestation of hegemonism. Some experts said that pompeio may be successful in some issues, but it is unlikely to create a solid “cold war” alliance. According to the associated press and other media reports on the 11th, pompeio will visit the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria and Poland. The important topic of his visit is technology. Pompeio will not only discuss 5g security issues with Polish leaders and Czech high-tech companies, but also plan to sign a joint statement on 5g technology with Slovenian foreign minister. Many media believe that the statement may affect Huawei’s participation in local 5g network construction. According to the associated press, Washington is fighting “the risks posed by China’s penetration of high-tech networks” into central and Eastern Europe. The United States signed agreements with Poland, Estonia and other European countries last year, in fact, it refused Chinese companies to become their 5g suppliers. In April and August this year, the U.S. State Department proposed and expanded the so-called “clean network” plan to curb the development of Huawei and ZTE, and strangled Chinese mobile applications. In this context, persuading European countries to block the completion and operation of the “beixi-2” natural gas pipeline project connecting Russia and Germany is about to be completed. “Beixi-2” pipeline connects Russia and Germany through the Baltic sea bottom, and then transports natural gas to other parts of Europe through German trunk pipeline. Pompeio said the project would undermine European security and strengthen Russia’s ability to use energy to coerce the United States and its allies. During this visit, pompeio will discuss nuclear energy cooperation and the “three seas initiative” with Czech leaders. The “three seas” refer to the Baltic, black and Adriatic seas. The United States hopes to create a political platform to promote “connectivity” between central and Eastern European countries by supporting infrastructure, energy and digital connectivity projects. Poland opposes the “beixi-2” project, but the Austrian oil and gas group is involved in the construction of the project, while pompeio will discuss trade relations and regional security with the Austrian prime minister in Vienna. Pompeio’s visit comes at a time when the United States plans to withdraw its troops from Germany. The Pentagon previously said thousands of U.S. troops withdrawn from Germany would be deployed to Poland and other NATO countries. Acting assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs rickle said pompeio would discuss with Polish officials the “enhanced defense cooperation agreement” just signed between the two countries. According to the agreement, the United States will send more troops to Poland, about 1000 more than 4500 currently deployed in rotation. US Defense Secretary esper said earlier that the agreement “will enhance the deterrent force against Russia and strengthen the strength of NATO”. According to the French “European Times”, pompeio just finished his visit to Britain and Denmark in late July, and his second visit to Europe half a month later has attracted much attention. In February 2019, pompeio visited Hungary, Slovakia and Poland, and this trip to central and Eastern Europe was called a “provocative Tour” by the media. This visit is a supplement to the previous visit, making the strategic map of the United States in central and Eastern Europe more complete. According to the report, the U.S. return to central and Eastern Europe has very complex strategic considerations, including factors to deal with the changes in the internal order of Europe, and the intention to hedge the influence of China and Russia. By advocating “common ideology and values”, the United States tries to attract some “small partners” to build a front against China and Russia. Singapore’s Business Times said on the 12th that the real focus of pompeio’s visit is China and Russia. The Star Spangled Banner of the United States said on the 11th that pompeio’s trip was an “anti Russian Tour”. Cui Hongjian said that pompeio’s visit to central and Eastern European countries to confront China and Russia is a manifestation of hegemonism, and behind this behavior is a very outdated traditional concept of sphere of influence. The United States still regards Europe as its “backyard” and regards Europe as the front line of America’s confrontation with China and Russia. Energy and economic and trade cooperation between China and Russia and European countries are very normal exchanges, but in the distorted political perspective of the United States, these are regarded as geopolitical struggles. In this distorted concept, any normal cooperation and communication will be discredited. < p > < p > Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng said on the 11th that the United States has committed a serious “acrophobia” by killing Huawei all over the world under the pretext of no need. It is afraid of other countries’ high technology and its own stains. It also aims at other countries’ “clean network” and turns the international Internet into a “U.S. unilateral network”. < p > < p > < p > according to the European times, when pompeio visited Hungary and Slovakia last year, he “met with a cloud of ashes”. Hungarian prime minister Orban is Russian President Putin’s closest friend in the European Union. Hungary and Slovakia also said that they did not object to Huawei’s participation in the Telecom Construction of their countries. According to Wu Xinbo, President of the Institute of International Studies at Fudan University, European countries may follow the United States on issues such as security and values, but they may not easily follow the United States once economic interests are involved. This view was quickly confirmed. < / P > < p > according to the Russian news agency, on the 11th, Czech Prime Minister babish said on the 11th that he did not see the reason for the deployment of US forces in Czech Republic. “As I said, during the talks with pompeio, I was more interested in our trade relations and the business of our company”. According to the German daily mirror, whether pompeio’s goal can be achieved is a question. The Czech Republic wants to maintain a cooperative relationship with China and will not make a decision on 5g. Slovenia plans to issue a joint statement with the United States on 5g technology, excluding companies controlled by foreign governments, but it is not known whether Huawei will be named. China China has become a novel coronavirus for the novel coronavirus pneumonia and its ill military trend, Oscar Kretsch, a Czech expert on international issues, wrote in a local media that Pompeio’s visit was cold war thinking. Washington criticized China for various reasons.

has become the reason why the US government has been fighting against the new crown pneumonia epidemic and its military mortification. Cui Hongjian reminded that the United States is gradually tying the central and Eastern European countries to the chariot of confrontation with China and using them as strategic pawns. If these countries depend on the United States for everything from energy to economy and trade to security, it will be very difficult to get rid of the control of the United States in the future, especially under the current unilateralist policy of the United States, Washington will take whatever it wants from these countries in the future. President of Belarus talks about Putin: like my brother, he is not an elder who gives orders

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