Pompeio announced: completely exclude Chinese enterprises!

According to the global times, U.S. Secretary of state pompeio said he would launch the “net project” and implement five measures to “protect” the privacy and confidentiality of American people and enterprises, prevent “invasion” of foreign forces, and protect key information and technology of the United States.

the implementation objects of this plan in the United States include operators, applications, service cloud, optical fiber, application store, etc., and the general contents are as follows. First, China’s operators can not use us Telecom or provide telecommunication services to the United States, because this is a “threat” to the national security of the United States. Second, in the United States, Chinese applications are “illegal.”. Third, Chinese smartphone manufacturers, such as Huawei, are banned from downloading mobile apps, including pre installed apps. Fourth, personal information of US citizens and sensitive data of US companies, such as new coronavirus data, are prohibited from being stored in cloud systems. Fifthly, the premise of lifting the ban is that Chinese enterprises are not allowed to access these cloud systems. Pompeio also said, “in order to ensure that the international cables of the United States will not be damaged by China, we will seek cooperation with other countries.”

he also called on US allies to join the program to “protect national security.”. Pompeio also said U.S. President trump will soon take action on some Chinese apps. Before that, trump said it would ban tiktok’s business in the United States.

these five measures basically exclude Chinese enterprises in the US market on the pretext of “protecting national security”. Even if there is no evidence to support the U.S. accusations, Washington will crack down on Chinese companies. Now, the American attitude has become very obvious, that is, “because I want to suppress you, so I want to suppress you.”. The United States is likely to do more to suppress Chinese companies in other areas.

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