Political anger in the United States and tiktok’s market dilemma

Tiktok, the international version of the short duration video of the byte beating, has been popular all over the world in the past 3 years and has become the benchmark for China’s Internet products, according to the August 2nd daily economic news report. TikTok According to the report released by sensor tower, a mobile application data analysis company, tiktok has obtained more than 800 million downloads overseas since its launch, becoming the mobile application with the largest number of downloads overseas.

even American enterprises like Facebook have to imitate tiktok in the US market, but they still fail in the market. Byte beat, a dynamic Chinese Internet enterprise, is full of legend in the U.S. market.

according to China Newsweek, in 2015, only three years after its establishment, the byte beat began to internationalize. In 2016, founder Zhang Yiming promoted internationalization to one of the core strategies in the future. Subsequently, bytecomb expanded overseas through acquisition and self construction, and successively acquired the North American short video community flipagram, news Republic, and music short video platform Tiktok also launched today’s overseas TopBuzz, volcano video, overseas Vigo Viedo, and overseas version of TikTok.

the latest data shows that byte skipping has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users, covering 150 countries and 75 languages. Tiktok, known as the overseas version of TikTok, has 800 million months of overseas users, ranking one of the 7 most widely used applications in the world, even more than the famous social networking platform Twitter.

However, the reality of Sino US relations has also affected tiktok in the US market. Tiktok has been accused by many departments in the United States of being suspected of threatening the national security of the United States, emphasizing the blocking of its operation in the U.S. market by administrative means. Some people also called on the US government to take action as soon as possible to ban tiktok. In this situation, the White House has publicly announced that it is concerned about and may close tiktok.

the latest news is that the White House will issue an executive order to ban tiktok. Although byte jump made a compromise, promising to own only a small share and let the US company control tiktok, it was still rejected. Now, Reuters is sending out the message that byte skipping will sell all of tiktok to Microsoft.

regarding this news, byte skipping emphasizes that the company does not comment on rumors or speculation. Nevertheless, tiktok does face a life and death decision in the US market. Under the current situation of Sino US relations, the United States will never be soft on tiktok, and will target other Chinese applications including wechat. This wave of political operations from the White House has sounded the alarm bell for Internet companies, including byte hopping, which are deeply rooted in the U.S. market. The U.S. market used to be a paradise for Chinese Internet companies to plough abroad. However, under the political operation, the Chinese market players in the US market may face the fate of being suppressed and rejected.

the US crackdown on Chinese enterprises also reflects the deterioration of the U.S. market environment and makes the world see the true face of the US political intervention in the market. It also means that the United States is no longer the melting pot of its own, and no longer has a respectable free market. In the long run, the global appeal of the United States and the appeal of great powers will also be greatly eroded.

it is certain that even if tiktok is forced to withdraw from the US market, or tiktok is purchased by American companies, the US government will not be able to stifle the innovative spirit of Chinese Internet enterprises. Without tiktok, there will be more Chinese Internet enterprises and their products full of vigor and vitality. Judging from the development of the history of world science and technology, the productivity of science and technology is the most resilient and can not be stopped by any force.

an open and inclusive government and market will not easily exert brute force on market subjects. Ironically, this was also a typical American criticism of other countries. The US containment of China extends to the blocking of Chinese enterprises, which shows us anxiety and lack of confidence of big powers. In the United States, which is trapped in the epidemic situation, and the United States, whose economy shrank by more than 32% in the second quarter, political hostility has become more prominent. 5g is coming, operators finally think of the big problem of “calling”

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