Performance ranking of mid end mobile phones in July: glory 30 fourth, Huawei Nova 7 sixth!

Recently, according to a number of science and technology media, the domestic mobile phone evaluation agency antutou released the Android mobile phone performance list in July 2020 based on the data collected from the background. Let’s see which mobile phones have entered the top ten. According to the introduction, the time of this data statistics is from July 1 to July 31, 2020. The results in the list are the average scores, not the highest scores, and the statistics of a single model are & gt; 1000. The data are calculated based on the Angora V8 version. If a single model has multiple storage capacity versions, the version with the highest score is the main one. Like previous months’ lists, this performance ranking is also divided into two types: flagship phones and midrange phones. Among them, as far as the performance ranking of Antu Android mid range mobile phones in July 2020 is concerned, the models on the list mainly come from smart phone brands such as redmi, oppo, glory and Huawei. Among them, Huawei and glory mobile phones have three models on the list, which can be said to be the biggest winners in this list.

specifically, oppo reno3 5g ranked first in the performance ranking of Antu Android mid range mobile phones in July 2020, with an average running score of 442965 points. According to the public information on the Internet, oppo reno3 5g is equipped with the Tianji 1000L platform of MediaTek technology, which is also a 5g SOC Supporting Dual-Mode 5g. Its CPU is equipped with cortex-a77 architecture core, and GPU also adopts the latest G77 architecture, with strong comprehensive performance. Oppo reno3 also has four colors. It is equipped with a front 3200W and a rear 6400w four camera ultra clear image system. It is equipped with a 6.4-inch water drop screen, built-in 4025mah battery, and supports vooc flash charging 4.0. It also supports the newly upgraded video super double anti shake, and its thin body thickness is only 7.96mm. The new oppo reno3 series of new machines are equipped with coloros 7 system, which adopts a new icon system. The design is more simple, and the color matching is more suitable for the long-term use of OLED screen. The all-weather dark mode will automatically adapt to third-party applications. It also has convenient and efficient functions such as flash back key, upgraded three finger screen, wechat intelligent map selection, etc.

after oppo reno3 5g, redmi 10x 5g ranked second with an average score of 398015. After redmi 10x 5g, redmi 10x Pro 5g ranked third. The average running score of this smartphone is 397214 on the Antu running platform. For redmi 10x Pro 5g and redmi 10x 5g, both smart phones are equipped with MediaTek Tianji 820 processor. According to the public information on the Internet, MediaTek Tianji 820 processor adopts a four core plus four small core architecture. The big core is four 2.6GHz A76 cores, and the small core uses A55 cores. According to the official report, its single core score is 7% higher than that of the high pass 765G, and the multi-core is 37%. MediaTek Tianji 820 processor adopts the mali-g57 MP5 GPU, the same valhall architecture as Tianji 1000 +, and cooperates with hyperengine 2.0 game engine to improve game performance, so as to meet the needs of smart phone users.

glory 30 ranked fourth after redmi 10x Pro 5g, with an average score of 391090. For the glory 30, the smartphone is equipped with the Hisilicon 985 processor. Kirin 985 adopts the same 5g modem of Kirin 990 and supports NSA / SA dual-mode 5g networking. In the view of industry insiders, compared with 5g mobile phones that only support NSA networking, the advantages of 5g dual-mode mobile phones with NSA + SA networking are that they can automatically select the appropriate networking mode according to the network mode of different regions. Furthermore, in the 5g smartphone market, supporting NSA / SA dual-mode networking means that in SA networking area, you can experience 5g speed with lower delay and greater bandwidth; in NSA networking area, use NSA mode to keep 5g online. 5g dual-mode mobile phone is very convenient for 5g network construction in different regions and different progress. Therefore, for Hisilicon 985 processor, supporting NSA / SA dual-mode 5g networking will naturally meet the demand of 5g smartphone market in 2020. After glory 30, Huawei Nova 7 Pro and Huawei Nova 7 ranked fifth and sixth respectively, with an average score of 381965 and 380670 respectively. For these two smart phones, they are also equipped with the Hisilicon 985 processor.

Finally, in July 2020, the glory X10 and glory 30s ranked seventh and eighth respectively in the performance ranking of Angora Android midrange mobile phones, with the average running scores of 362648 and 358362 respectively. For these two smart phones, both are equipped with the Hisilicon 820 processor, which is a processor positioned in the middle end smartphone market, which forms a competitive relationship with MediaTek Tianji 800 processor and Qualcomm snapdragon 765G processor. After that, Huawei’s Nova 7se and Remi k305g Express Edition ranked ninth and tenth respectively. On the Antu platform, the average running scores of the two smartphones were 351137 and 346715, respectively. Among them, Remi K30 5g high-speed version is equipped with a high-throughput snapdragon 768g processor, rather than a high-throughput snapdragon 765G processor. Of course, in terms of overall performance, the difference between the high pass snapdragon 768g processor and the high pass snapdragon 765G processor is relatively small. So, here’s the question. What do you think of the performance ranking of Android midrange mobile phones in July 2020? Privacy Policy

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