Park Geun hye will be in prison for 1234 days in two days! The old man asked for Wen’s amnesty.

August 15 is South Korea’s recovery day. The president of South Korea has a tradition of amnesty on this day. This year’s recovery day coincides with 1234 days in prison for former South Korean President Park Geun hye. On the 11 day, Yin Pu member, Yin Xiang, voicing his appeal to the president to give an amnesty to park Geun hye. He said the choice of amnesty is conducive to “national unity.”. Park, who is now 20 years old, was sentenced to severe bribery in July. < p > < p > Yin Xiangxian, 58, is an old subordinate of Park Geun hye. In 2012, he actively helped Park Geun hye win the general election, and later served as park’s special assistant to the president. At present, it is non partisan. “Park Geun hye has been in custody for 40 months and is the longest serving former president in South Korea,” Yin wrote on Facebook on November 11. The punishment she received was very heavy, both politically and humanely. ”

Yin Xiangxian said, “when the president took office, Wen promised to open the era of” photochemical gate “, emphasizing the use of inclusive leadership to achieve” national unity “. Now, if we want to sublimate the “splitting symbol” to the “symbol of unity”, the shortcut is to release Park Geun hye, which is only accomplished by President Wen Yin. Another Pro Park MP also called for an amnesty for park Geun hye. On November 11, park DAE Chu, a member of the future United Party of the opposition party in South Korea, wrote on Facebook: “this year’s recovery day is exactly the 1234 day sentence of former President Park Geun hye, which is a cruel number. Moon Jae in the hope of Pu Jinhui’s message to the nation to convey reconciliation and solidarity.

has asked the pro camp to appeal to the pardon of Park Hyun Hui, although Wen moon Jae in no response. But the senior official of the Ministry of justice of Korea told the cultural daily 13, that there is no amnesty plan for Chong Wa Dae this year. Only parole for some outstanding prisoners and livelihood criminals will be made as usual. 62538 new cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia in India were confirmed to be 2 million.

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