Paris: more than 10 people who cannot guarantee social safety distance will be banned

On the evening of August 14 local time, the Paris police general office announced that it would ban gathering and parades of more than 10 people who could not guarantee a safe social distance from Saturday morning, in order to cope with the increasing spread of the new coronavirus in recent days. According to the Paris police department, a number of data indicators indicate that the new coronavirus is spreading widely again in Paris. According to the data, there are about 600 people who are positive for NCV nucleic acid in Greater Paris every day, compared with 260 people in Paris. The positive rate of NCV was 4.14% in Paris, 3.6% in Greater Paris, and 2.4% in France. < / P > < p > in addition, in Paris, there are now more than 51 new infections per 100000 people, much higher than the 8 cases at the beginning of this month. Privacy Policy

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