Parents to have a look, the following “time” of the children born, fortune throughout the family, but also filial piety

Many old people pay great attention to the time when the baby is born. Both boys and girls have their own time of birth, and the children will be blessed within certain fixed hours. The fortune teller infers from the theory of fate that the children born in these few hours are of great wisdom and will glorify their ancestors in the future! Let’s take a look at it.

Chou Shi (1:00-3:00): the five elements in Chou Shi belong to Yin soil, and the earth produces gold and wealth. Children born in this time are honest, honest, trustworthy and affectionate. They can make a lot of friends. They are always helpful. People born in ugly times tend to have fortune and are very prosperous. In their life, they will always be inclined to get close to you, so you can do things easily and happily.

Weishi: young children are naive and sensible, very sensible and intelligent. They are the happy fruit of their parents and are also very potential people. At the same time, their own learning is very strong, their own efforts and there are always people around them who appreciate them, so they will continue to rise in their career, there are always valuable people to help. At the same time, they can always deal with problems at a critical time. They themselves are rich people and can bring good luck to others.

noon: the baby born at this time is full of fire in his life style. When he was a child, he was mostly very naughty, either difficult to control or rebellious. However, there was fortune in his life, and he could eventually become a great weapon. They are smart and don’t worry their parents easily. When I grow up, I can also struggle independently and bring happiness to my parents. Therefore, parents must cultivate the babies born in the afternoon. They should be filial sons with successful careers in the future. They can take good care of their families. They also have a bright future and can make themselves famous.

Zishi: the baby born at this time, no matter male or female, lives in wealth and is born with noble quality. If there are children born in Zishi in a family, the blessing will be all over the family. They have a good fortune in life, rich life and healthy parents! When I grow up in the future, I will be filial to my parents. Russian players in the U.S. Open welcome and retreat: security is not guaranteed, going to the United States is uncomfortable

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