Opinion poll: more than 60% of Spaniards think former King Carlos should not go abroad

Nearly two-thirds of Spaniards believe Juan Carlos, a former king in exile this week due to a financial scandal, should not go abroad, according to a survey released by sigma DOS on Sunday. A sigmados poll for Le Monde found that 63.3% of respondents thought it was a bad idea for the 82 year old former king to leave and 27.2% agreed with him. According to the survey conducted on August 4-6, about 80.3% of respondents thought Juan Carlos should face any potential legal proceedings, 12.4% of respondents thought he had nothing to be responsible for, and 7.3% had no opinion. Juan Carlos has been staying at the UAE Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi since leaving Spain on a private plane on Monday, according to the Spanish newspaper abesai. Juan Carlos officially abdicated in June 2014, but retained the title of king and immunity from prosecution. In early June, prosecutors in Spain’s Supreme Court launched an investigation into Juan Carlos, which involved the signing of a high-speed rail contract between Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia. Investigators tried to establish the fact that people around the king had bribed Juan Carlos. 5g is coming, operators finally think of the big problem of “calling”

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