Only 1399 yuan, 90hz + 5000mAh + 128GB, this is Zhenxiang 5g thousand yuan machine

The mobile phone market in the first half of the year has ended. What I didn’t expect was that zhenwo had released a 5g thousand yuan machine at the end stage. Before that, the release of zhenwo x50pro player version made many consumers think that this was the real me’s bottom card in the first half of the year, but I didn’t expect that zhenwo still had an idea for the 5g thousand yuan machine market.

zhenwo’s 5g thousand yuan machine is called zhenwo V5, which is a brand-new series of thousand yuan machines. At present, the mobile phones are pre-sale on the official website. The 6GB + 128GB version is only 1399 yuan on the third-party platform. The main focus of this model is battery life and photo taking. From the overall configuration, zhenwo V5 is a 5g Zhenxiang thousand yuan machine.

zhenwo V5, as a thousand yuan mobile phone, has a super large 5000 Ma battery, with 30W wired fast charging, and has no problem in severe use for one day. Zhenwo V5 camera configuration is also very complete, 48 megapixel main camera + 8 megapixel super wide angle + 2 million pixel macro + 2 million pixel black and white portrait. Super wide angle and macro range have special performance, supporting 119 degree wide field of view and 4 cm ultra macro distance.

zhenwo V5 is also a mobile phone that supports dual-mode 5g. The network and signal are very stable, and the network transmission speed is extremely fast, so there will be no delay problem on 4G network.

the screen of zhenwo V5 is a smooth screen with 90hz refresh rate and 2400 * 1080 resolution. The screen accounts for 90.7% and has a wide visual picture. There are two kinds of running memory in self V5, namely 6GB and 8GB, and 128GB of memory space.

the processor of the thousand yuan machine is not lax. The new Tianji 720 processor and the extreme eight core CPU processing architecture can save power in daily operation, and is more stable than most thousand yuan processors, with a running point of 300000 yuan.

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