Once again, the third 5g baseband supplier was born, and Qualcomm and Intel were in a hurry

When it comes to 5g, we are getting closer and closer. On the one hand, the efforts of telecom operators have made 5g signals appear in some cities. On the other hand, due to the efforts of some hardware equipment manufacturers, prototypes of some 5g devices appear frequently. Everything indicates that 5g is coming soon, and the application of 5g is probably the 5g used on mobile phones Network signal.

there was a post before, which said that if we upgrade to 5g in the future, whether we need to change the mobile phone or the mobile phone card. At present, it is certain to replace the mobile phone, because only the mobile phone has 5g baseband, can receive 5g signal. At present, all mobile phones are 4G baseband. It is still too early to decide whether to replace the mobile phone card. Only next year is true We can’t know the truth until it’s commercial.

when it comes to 5g baseband, at present, many enterprises can develop 5g baseband products. For example, Huawei and Samsung have their own SOC. In terms of natural baseband, they have always developed their own baseband. However, neither Huawei nor Samsung has sold baseband, nor has MediaTek developed SOC, nor has it sold baseband products. Therefore, in terms of baseband suppliers, Qualcomm has always been the only one In the past, apple used to use the baseband of Qualcomm. Later, Intel acquired the ability to develop communication baseband. As a result, apple gave up Qualcomm and turned to Intel. Now, MediaTek also announced an independent baseband product, which is 5g baseband.

in terms of 5g baseband, it can be said that MediaTek seems to be very low-key. It has been promoting its own SOC products, and rarely promotes 5g baseband alone. However, Intel’s 5g baseband R & D progress is not fast, but we soon know that Intel is also a 5g baseband supplier. Therefore, if we talk about the early and late information release, due to the late release of information, the information of MediaTek is relatively late, Let’s say we are the third 5g baseband supplier. In fact, it doesn’t matter. It’s not a strength ranking. We just add another 5g baseband supplier to the list.

recently, China Mobile held a global partner conference in Guangzhou, and MediaTek showed its 5g baseband M70, which is the only 5g baseband supporting LTE and 5g dual connection technology. In terms of technical strength, the 5g baseband technology of MediaTek should be no worse than that of Qualcomm and Intel. It is learned that this 5g baseband will be shipped in the second half of next year Xu will appear as early as the end of next year. In this case, it seems that MediaTek’s 5g baseband is faster than Intel’s, because it is reported that Apple will not launch 5g mobile phones until 2020, largely because Intel’s 5g baseband R & D progress is slow. However, according to Yijia, Liu zuohu and relevant senior executives of Qualcomm, 5g mobile phones in the future will be much more expensive than 4G mobile phones The range of adjustment is about 2000 yuan, so the question is, do you want to buy 5g mobile phone or not?

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